Baby Sleep Issue Update Pt. 1

I started writing this as one post a few days ago and apparently I rambled too much as it got way too long for a single post.  So here is pt 1 of the latest in my baby sleeping saga.

Last week I was prepared to write a post wishing that I could report that the sleep bandit has left the house and we are all getting a good 5-6 hours at time.  That darn creature had been sticking around despite my repeat efforts to find a way to kick him out.  I had been all set at the beginning of the week to try and remember to just stick the binky in instead of immediately picking her up to feed if it had been less than 3 hours, which is really hard to do at 2am (I was going to go as far as putting up a white board next to the crib to write down the last feeding time) but she chose that night to go through some type of reflux/sleep regression/growing pains/I’m going to screw with my mommy thing and scream her head off when she woke up instead of just rolling around grunting as usual.

Then Saturday night happened.  She woke up as usual around 11:30 pm to eat which caused me to get mentally ready for the now every two hour wake up.  I tucked myself back into bed closed my eyes and then…. wait for it…. didn’t wake up until 5am.  You read that right.  I rolled over to look at the clock and it was FIVE AM (sorry for yelling but I was pretty excited).  After a brief moment of panic (I started breathing again when I heard her soft sighs) I lay in bed stunned.  My baby had slept without waking for 5.5 hours.  Not only that, but I dosed for another 1.5 hours until she woke up at 6:30.  Needless to say that certain parts of me (mammary glands) were very uncomfortable by the time she did wake up but oh was it worth it.  That was literally the first time I had gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in a row in 16 weeks.  My brain didn’t know what to do with all that sleep.

Was this it?  Was this the at least temporary end to the nasty sleep cycle?  Would she finally give me enough sleep to be able to function with more than half a brain at work?  Wahahaha! (Cue evil laughter)  Nope, Sunday night she went right back to waking cranky every 2 hours.  I figured I brought it on myself for bragging about the previous night online.

Monday morning I knew I needed to do something.  I had already Googled the heck out of sleep training infants a few weeks ago when initially attempting to rid our bedroom of the sleep bandit so I knew it was down to me to figure something, anything out.  Yes, I know that some babies are just light fussy sleepers but darned if I wasn’t going to try every last option before giving in to another nine months of multiple wakings every night (I’m nursing for a year so after that Steve can get up, ha!).

Something had to be different.  Something on Saturday allowed my up and down all night little girl to keep her eyes closed for 7 hours straight.  After analyzing every minute of the day it came down to two things.  My mom had watched her for a few hours that morning and spent quite a few of those hours outside so that Rose could play in the garden.  Vit D???  It was also the first day in a long while I hadn’t had even one cup of decaf coffee or chocolate.  I had been staying away from the caffeinated coffee thinking that some of it might be getting in the milk but had been imbibing in at least 2 cups of decaff in an effort to trick my brain into thinking it was the real stuff.  Hmmmm.

Coming soon.  Pt. 2: Where I make a wonderful yet sucky conclusion.

Where there is less of this….
 And more of this.


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