Getting our vitamin D

This Saturday, Evelyn and I had the afternoon to ourselves so we decided that would be a wonderful excuse to get outside and soak up some vitamin D.  It has been so hot the past few weeks that poking our head out of the house for longer than the run from the house to the car was out of the question.  Can you get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summer?

The weather was a glorious 75 degrees and since we are lucky enough to live in our own personal park, out we went.  Can I tell you how much I love living here?

At 3 months old Evelyn decided that she was old enough to be forward facing in the Bjorn, at least for a short while.



We started off with a viewing of the local deer population (look down by the horse trailer).
Then visited the horses for a little nuzzle time.  “Why Ranger, what big nostrils you have!”
Then fixed some of the horse fencing.  Remind me to teach her not to touch the white tape.
Then checked out the pecans to see if they were ripe yet.  They weren’t.
Then did some sensory lessons on the fig leaves.  Evelyn judged them slightly sticky.
Then measured next years lemon crop.  Approximately baby fist sized.
All in all a good day.  Evelyn seemed to enjoy herself.  If anything, I know she liked chewing on the Bjorn.  Ha! 


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