My “Before I’m 50 Years Old” Bucket List

I started writing this bucket list over a year ago.  In fact, it started off as a 40 year bucket list but looking at it today, I realized there was no way in heck I was going to get much of this done in 5 years.  It’s funny how much closer to 40 I feel at 35 then when I was 34.  I was going to make this just a general “bucket list” but I know that if I don’t put a deadline on things, it just won’t get done.  So 50 years old it is.

There are some real dreams in here (see #3 under Own) but hey, if you don’t do a little wishing, your wishes can never come true.

After reviewing what I had down on there, I saw that I could cross one off.  Wohoo!  Steve and I took a Viennese Waltz class this spring.  I don’t know how much I remember of it but crossed off it is!


1.  Viennese Waltz (April 2012)
2.  Spencerian Calligraphy (Took a Calligraphy class Sept 2013)
3.  Cake decorating (improve skill)
4.  Photoshop (improve skill)
5.  Sewing
6.  Pasta making (May 2013)
7.  To make macaroons
8.  Yoga
9.  To shoot a bow and arrow
10.  Relearn photography


1.  Alaska
2.  New York (December 2015)
3.  Ireland (August 2013)
4.  Hearst Castle  (August 2015)
5.  Mackinac Island to stay at the hotel from Somewhere in Time
6.  See the fall foliage in the east
7. Train ride to/around the Grand Canyon


1.  Complete genealogy on both sides of the family
2.  Build a railing on the front porch (90% done!)
3.  Build a fence around the front yard
4.  Have a handle on the property just once
5.  Get updated on my scrapbooking (I’m still not done with 2003)
6.  Go horse camping
7.  Find a way to cook wonderful things without having to clean the dishes after but always have a clean kitchen (I’m dreaming with this one)
8.  One thing that scares the poop out of me (went to a few SWE things with people I didn’t know)
9. Volunteer for a good cause (I’m a Girl Scout leader, 2014)
10.  Get a pen pal


1.  A horse I can ride
2.  A mini cooper
3.  A Victorian mansion (might have to wait until I’m 60 and the girls are done with college for this one)


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3 Responses to My “Before I’m 50 Years Old” Bucket List

  1. Constance Harker

    Being able to cook wonderful food without doing the dishes might have to wait until your daughters can do the dishes. The rest is pretty achievable.

    If you go to Hearst Castle, which makes a pleasant 3 day trip if you can get the grandparents to take the kids as a gift for a romantic getaway, stay in Cambria, NOT in San Simeon. Cambria is just a bit down the road and has a really nice place with gardens and live music. It's like Carmel by the Sea- Light. San Simeon has a nasty motel with plastic furniture. Been there, done that. And if you can, go to the Sycamore Springs Hotel- a drive in towards highway 101. Beautiful gardens, great restaurant, a hot tub in every room from the mineral springs. It's very romantic!

  2. So the one that really made me laugh was, "Have a handle on the property just once" As a fellow property owner, I think this is the most unlikely one… unless you guys come into some serious money and can just start hiring everything out all at once (Including a project manager to figure it all out and run all the projects!) 🙂

    And yes, the kitchen thing is doable. Just wait until the girls are older. They might not always like it, but it sure is a valuable life skill… and besides, you get better at it the more you do it, right??

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