When Tigers (Tiggers) Attack!!

The staff here at the Four Lease Ranch would like to break away from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a public service announcement on the dangers of rouge Tiger Tigger attacks.  Much like our previous episodes on the dangers of baby, zombie, and bear attacks, we were lucky enough to be able to capture one on camera.  Those who are sensitive to extreme cuteness are advised to not read any further.

See here the innocent, naive little girl who got up the courage to get close and get her picture taken with the wild Tigger.  Note how the Tigger pretends to be fascinated with her paw in order to calm her pray into a false sense of security.


Then the little girl makes her mistake.  She requests to hold the Tigger.  A very dangerous move even under supervision by the Daddy Wildlife Handler.

Just when she relaxes her guard, the Tigger attacks!

Quickly the Tigger subdues her pray with her massive teeth drool.


Once she has completed her conquest, the Tigger looks around to make sure no other animals are around to try and steal her meal.


Satisfied after a long session of gumming her prey, the Tigger leaves on the ground yet another innocent victim….


and heads back to her den for a well deserved nap.



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  1. So cute!!! I just showed the kids and read the commentary. They all throughly enjoyed it!

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