Enough with the “I’m a baby” already!

This post can be filed under the ‘just ranting/complaining/whining’ category.  I know that this is a natural behavioral thing my daughter is going through but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. 

Lately, Rose has been wanting to play baby all.the.time.  Not play with her babies (although she does that too) but play being a baby.  While this is a cute thing in small doses, the constant “I’m a baby, I’m a baby” is starting to bug the heck out of grate on me a bit.  And the pretend crying.  Gaaa!  It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.  (Do they have chalkboards anymore? Is there an entire generation that is going to have to Google that phrase to figure out what I’m talking about?)  Mostly, I think, because I currently have a baby.  A small human that I have to change and feed and burp and sooth and carry.  I really want my 3.5 year old to act like a 3.5 year old.

Now you can correctly say that my 3.5 year old is acting her age.  She sees her baby sister start to become more mobile and engaging.  This little bundle of joy that used to just be a cute lump that we carried with us, is now demanding a fair share of her own attention.  She smiles, she giggles, and scootches around the floor.  Rose has to do more to gain the attention that she spend the first 3.4 years of her life getting with little effort.  What better way to get that attention then to act like the very thing that is stealing it away from her?
I think she gets a little of it from preschool too.  The one she goes to has much younger kids in the same room as the older ones and while she gets plenty of attention and has loads of activities to do, I’m sure there are plenty of times that she wants to cuddle/play with the teachers and they are otherwise occupied with a baby.  No fault of their own, it’s just the life of a no longer only child.  For most of her life she was the center of attention in most any room.  She was the only kid anywhere near her age in her daycare and the only grandchild in both sides of the family.  It was a pretty sweet life!

She will adjust as time goes on and really, I am blessed that she is taking out her frustration in such a passive manner.  She adores her sister and is wonderful with her.  She often requests that we put Evelyn down on the floor a little more so that we can play with her instead but otherwise doesn’t seem actually resentful.

Still, I’m looking forward for this phase to end.  Lets get back to playing dragons and kitties.  Those I can handle.
I feel better getting that out. It’s hard to admit that I arm not a super mom that can handle anything my kid throws at me.  Especially when it’s something as ambiguous as playing pretend in an effort to manage her own frustrations.  I feel like I should be encouraging all kinds of creating play, no matter what form.  Ah well.  I’m human.
My beautiful (frustrating) little girl
On a positive note, I have met my New Years Task List challenge for the second week.  Wohoo! 

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  1. Parenting reminds me that I am human quite frequently. Thankfully most of these annoying things are just stages. Thankfully.

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