Winterizing the garden

After much delay due to weather/holidays/activities/avoidance I took the opportunity of Steve taking the girls to the train museum to finally winterize the garden.  This entailed pulling up and dragging all of the dead and dying veggies down to the manure pile for composting, rolling up the drip lines, and discovering the huge complex of vole holes under the tomatoes.

I waited a little late in the season to take everything out of the garden so most of the plants were getting quite wilted or dead.  While this did make them a little lighter to carry, it resulted in a number of them breaking off at the base as I tried to pull them out of the ground.  It also made for some really gooey rotted veggies to pick up.  Blech.

Apparently the vole ate the inside of this egg plant and then filled it up with dirt.  It makes a new meaning for stuffed eggplant.

Most everything was dead or dying but the sage is over wintering wonderfully.  I gathered some of the lovely fragrant leaves to fry up with some browned butter.  I don’t know what I’m putting it on yet but just about anything with sage and browned butter is delicious. 


The plants were taken down to the horse poop pile and buried under a few inches of manure.  Due to the damp weather a few days before I didn’t need to wet anything so I just placed a tarp over it and used additional manure to keep it from flying away. The tarp will keep the soil moist and keep the turkeys out (they like to redistribute the manure looking for bugs).  I plan on uncovering it every few weeks to turn the soil and re-wet as needed.  In about 6 weeks I will have wonderfully composted soil for this years garden.  Wohoo!


After all that work I went up to my Thinking Rock for a rest.  This is my spot for reflection, thinking and just breathing.  Not much beats this view.  Between work and two kids I don’t get a lot accomplished these days so a few hours on my own and a pretty big thing checked off my to do list was incredibly good for my soul.


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