Breathe in. Breathe out.

Evelyn and Mommy Feet
Breathe in….

It snuck up on me quietly.  There wasn’t any obvious signs.  Nothing that raised any red flags.

Breathe out….

Sure I had been having a lot of stress at work but I could handle it.  Sure I hadn’t been eating very well but the nursing has been keeping any extra weight off.  Sure I felt more and more behind on home projects but summer is here and there will be more daylight hours in the day.  But but but…

Breathe in….

Then I noticed that I wasn’t feeling as well as I usually do.  Then I noticed that I was quicker to anger, quicker to loose my patience.  Then I noticed I wasn’t happy for long periods of time.  Then I noticed…

Breathe out….

Finally my body told me to stop.  Finally my brain told me to stop.  Finally I listened.  Finally…

Breathe in….

So now I step back a bit.  So now I reanalyze what is important in my life and concentrate on that.  So now I take time to breathe.  So now I…

Breathe out.

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  1. Patti Lease

    Yes, slowing down is hard to do, but it really helps. The expression, “Stop and smell the roses” is another good one. Sleep is great as well.

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