2013 Mother’s Day Recap

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To me, this picture is what being a mother is all about.  Loving two beautiful daughters while surrounded by chaos.

I came downstairs on Mother’s Day morning to hear Steve tell Rose to “Freeze right there. You aren’t in trouble, just don’t move.  Val, go get the camera.”  Anyone with kids, or pets for that matter, knows immediately that some kind of destruction just happened.  When I rounded the corner, all I could see was a sea of Kashi cereal with Rose standing at it’s center, little bits of puffed rice in her hair.  What’s a mother to do at that point besides laugh and take pictures of the chaos.

Apparently, she had picked up the box of cereal and shook it to call her sister over to the table.  (Ya know, like a dog)  Little did she know, the top was open and the light weight puffs took the opportunity to escape.  In a few flicks of her little wrist, half of the box was flung to the far reaches of the kitchen.  Soon after taking the picture, Evelyn spotted me and demonstrated that, while puffy, Kashi doesn’t feel very good on your knees as she frog walked (up on her hands and feet) over to me and then sat munching on the cereal stuck to her palms.


In the aftermath of the cerealsplosion, Rose brought me over my gifts which were the two beautiful figurines in the picture above.  One for my light haired girl, and one for my dark.  Simply perfect.

When Steve had asked me earlier in the week what I wanted to do on Mother’s Day it didn’t take me long to decide.  While it may not sound like much fun for some people, I really just wanted to check some things off the to-do list.  See, we have 5 acres, a house, two kids, two horses, and a HUGE to-do list.  Between Steve’s busy work schedule, having to have Evelyn strapped to my back if I’m doing something on my own and working full time, days that anything other then maybe catching up on the dishes don’t happen very often.  Originally I told Steve that I wanted to plant our veggie garden for the year but earlier in the week my dad went and planted it (thanks Dad!).  So, since that awesomeness happened all I needed to do was lay out and organize the drip irrigation system since we all know hand watering every other day sucks and sometimes doesn’t get done with 2 kidlets.

After a fabulous belgan waffle breakfast (and a quick sweep up of the cereal) I went down and laid out the first row of drippers.  Of course, since everything was different this year with the new raised beds, I spend a bunch of time moving them around and fixing the inevitable broken/clogged ones.  An hour later I was beat and asked Steve to come down and do the second row.  By the time I took a shower (Evelyn was napping), Steve was done.  What??  Lesson learned.  Next time have the guy who is a wizard on all things water do it all.

A yummy Taco Tree lunch and Target run later, it was time for a nap for all.  It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel just closing your eyes for 45 minutes.  I think all work places should have siesta.  Think of the increased productivity!

We finished off the day with a delicious rib dinner bbqed by my dad.  Rose made me a wonderful tile that she had decorated at Art Beast the Friday before.  She was so excited to give it to me, it made my heart flutter.  My mom gave me a beautiful frame that I can’t wait to put pictures of me and the girls in.

Thinking back to that wonderful day, I think the most memorable of all was watching Rose write her name on the card for her Nana.  It may be only legible to someone knowing what it was before hand but there is definitely all four letters there.  Sniff sniff.  My girl is growing up!

Mothers Day 2013

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