The evolution of a fast food order during marriage

We were sitting down to yet another meal at our favorite local taco place and I started to think about how our food order has changed over the years.  Not big changes (we order the same type of food every time) but the little things.  We moved back to my home town not long after we were married and so we have almost 13 years of food history at this place.

1st married (year 1):

Super Nacho w/ jalapenos <– Steve
Bean Burrito (no onions, with sour cream & hot sauce) <– Me
Large soda to split

Frequency: every few weeks

Living on the property in a trailer (year 2-4):

Super Nacho w/ jalapenos
Bean Burrito (no onions, with sour cream & hot sauce)
Large soda to split

Frequency: Sometimes 2-3 times a week, always late at night as we would come home and work on the property then not want to cook in the tiny trailer.

Living in the house (year 5-8):

Super Nacho w/ jalapenos
Bean Burrito (no onions, with sour cream & hot sauce)
Large soda to split

Frequency: Back to every few weeks. Usually on the weekends during a grocery/lunch run.

Pregnancy/nursing (year 9):

Super nacho w/ jalapenos (shredded cheese instead of unknown liquid stuff) <– healthier??
Bean Burrito (no onion, with sour cream) <– no hot sauce (heartburn)
Water <– no chemicals in my baby

Life with a Toddler (year 10-11):

Super nacho w/ jalapenos (back to the unknown liquid stuff. Wohoo!) <–hubby starting to grumble at how much I am stealing his nachos now that toddler is eating my burrito

Bean Burrito (no onion) <–toddler has started to eat a large portion of said burrito so why bother with added cost of sour cream
Large soda (bring on the chemicals!) & water (for toddler)

Frequency: About the same as before.

Pregnancy, again (year 12):


See previous pregnancy

Frequency: Same as before

Now (year 13):


Super nacho w/ jalapeno (shredded cheese, jalapenos tucked on the side, chips on the side) <– toddler is now eating 1/3 of the nachos so switched back to better cheese
2 Bean burritos (no onions) <– said toddler is also eating most of a burrito greatly reducing what is available to me.  Baby is also stealing a lot of the bean out of the burrito and the meat off the nachos.  We realized we were leaving hungry.
3 waters <– baby and toddler = getting up too often to refill (read:lazy)

Frequency: About every other weekend with the occasional “we are in town so we are eating there”. Both girls would like us to eat there more often.  Evelyn gets visibly excited when she seems me coming with the tray.  Girl loves her beans and cheese.

I can only imagine our order and bill will slowly increase over the years.  At least we don’t have boys!

Taco Tree

The one time we tried a taco instead of a burrito. Too messy.  Went back to a second burrito.



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  1. Lol! I’m always amazed at how little food we needed before kids.
    Sarah recently posted…Holding on to those sweet little moments…My Profile

  2. ErinM

    Seriously funny!!!!! I love it. AND, I miss Taco Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chris Bonelli

    Ok I didn’t pay attention to everything on it. All I saw was TACO TREE, TACO TREE, TACO TREE! I still see the same doctor in Auburn even though I live in Sparks, NV and every time I go down there Taco Tree is on the menu.

  4. Melissa Johnston

    A great article, really love it. Thank you so much for sharing

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    I like your blog, thanks for sharing. I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up.

  6. Rifat

    Probably one of the most useful and informative blog posts Ive come across in a while!

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