Ireland Day 1 – 1.5

We ended up getting to SFO in good time so spent a few hours wandering the airport and relaxing in the United lounge. It was good to spread out and enjoy the room as it was all too soon that we would be stuck on a 10 hour plus flight back in steerage. Now, I guess we were up with the prime grade beef since, through being super friendly and talkative to the guy checking us in, we got ourselves upgraded to economy plus. This mean 2 whole more inches of leg room and 2 more degrees of recline. Wohoo..

Stocked up on complimentory butter cookies and cheese, our flight went as well as could be expected.¬† The meal was ehh, the movie was far away, and the entire thing was too long. I have decided to not bother to try and calculate¬† the actual time frame around the whole thing.¬† All I know is that you can’t really get good sleep sitting up and only cat napping all night makes you a little punch drunk. Luckily for us, the airport in Frankfort shuttled us right to the door of our next flight because I wasn’t sure if I had enough get up and go to sprint the 30 minutes we had to make the connection.

A tiny Germany

Once we got into Dublin and spent an hour or so getting the car, the adventure of driving on the “wrong” side of the road began. Laura, I would have to say, did a fabulous job right off. I almost never had to yell “on the left! ” or “side of the road!”.

Thankfully it wasn’t too long before we arrived at the beautiful Highfield House B&B in Trim. A quick dinner, a slow pint of Guinness and it was off to bed.

Our first velvety pint of Guinness

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