Ireland Day 2 (Trim to Galway)

After a coma like sleep, we were up and running fairly early, starting our day with our first Irish breakfast and cuppa.


Then it was off to explore what was left of an old Abbey where we discovered the Irish tradition of “if you were born here you can be buried in a really old fallen down religious site”. There were head stones from this year mixed up with those from the 1800s. This was the same in most of the old churches/abbeys we saw.

We thought this was rather humorous.  Plus, man, the Irish take dog poop seriously!  Do you see the fines?!


By the time we got back to Trim Castle, it was open so we walked aound exploring until our tour started.   It’s a pretty cool old castle that has been nicely restored, where it could be, and the tour gave a nice illustration of how life was back then. Basically you sat around waiting to be attacked as the owners were French/English and the Irish weren’t too happy about you being there.

Trim Castle


After the castle it was time to drive across the island to Galway. On the way there, we took a rather long side trip on a bunch of rather tiny roads to see the Clonmacnoise, what’s left of an old monastery.  We still aren’t sure if it was worth leaving fingerprints on the arm rest from the wet nonexistent roads.

Then on to Galway to drive by our hotel 2 times without seeing it, get lost, take an unintended tour of the docks, and finally find our way to the car park all while realizing the traffic in Galway is NUTS!

Finally a well deserved pint and fresh fish and chips with mushy peas at an authentic medieval pub, The Kings Head.


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