Ireland Day 4 (Galway to Dingle)

Wanting to avoid any and all traffic that we could, we heading out of Galway at first light.  This turned out to be both a good and a bad idea.  While there was no traffic to be seen, when we arrived at the Cliffs of Moher there was a lovely blanket of rainy morning fog.  And by blanket I mean we could see about 15 feet in front of us while being buffeted by 20 m/h winds.  Basically we spent €6 to see a wall of fog.

“The Cliffs of Moher” is in the background. I swear.


We did enjoy a nice cup of tea in the cafe and caught up with contacts from home using the wi-fi. As a bonus, our tea cups gave us a nice view of what we were missing.


After we made our wet way back to the car, we started the drive to Dingle.  The roads weren’t too bad, although occationally skinny and I only feared for my life once while passing a tractor on one of the “2 but not really 2” lane roads.

A chance stop in Ennis landed us in the Old Ground Inn for a wonderful lunch and even better cup of coffee in an adorable pub. We had brie stuffed mushrooms with a garlic aioli and a bacon and leek quiche. Fabulous! If you are ever traveling through Ennis I would recommend it for the coffee alone.


We arrived safely in Dingle where we found the Alpine Inn to be clean with nice hosts. However the walls were paper thin and the shower was so short even I had to lean down.  The town itself was very adorable.  Right on the ocean, it had rows of typical colorful Irish town buildings all filled with gift shops and pubs. We ended up eating the best fish and chips we have had so far at a little take away on the suggestion of a local. We did have to pick a few bones out but figured it just showed how fresh it was.

Look! An Irish rainbow!


After a rest, it was on to the pub for a drink and some really good live music.  We stayed out a bit late that night which was good as it made us nice and tired so that we could sleep through the people upstairs walking around and talking all night. Seriously, I woke at 2am and I could hear them up there.

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