Ireland Day 6 (Ring of Kerry)

Luckily for us, the day after the “roads of death” was fairly tame. Lots of hemming and hawing later, we decided to drive part of the Ring of Kerry. By leaving early we were able to drive clockwise along the route and make it to the Skellig Loop only having to pass 1 bus.

There was some pretty scenery along the route with some nice views of the valley but we agreed that the Dingle Loop was nicer. There was one stop however that gave the drive a bump up in our review. The Skellig Chocolate Factory.


Maybe it was the stomach clenching small roads, maybe it was the fresh ocean air, maybe it was the adorably nice Irish chocolate server but that chocolate tasted delicious. We may or may not have spent a chunk of money there (sorry Steve). I also may or may not have ordered a caramel hot chocolate with marshmallows that was so sweet my teeth hurt.


Once we returned, again not having to pass any busses yay, we wandered around Kenmare for a bit. Spending money as we went (sorry Steve). There was one historic site we stopped at (although the town itself is older then any on the US), a stone circle.  This circle “may have” been built to track the seasons and the summer/winter solstice. The “may have” in the literature seems kind of silly as I don’t know why the archeologists don’t just go out there on the summer/winter solstice and see how then rocks line up.  I doubt the sun position has changed much in the past 1000 or so years.


Dinner that night was Italian (we were a little tired of pub food) where the bruschetta was delicious and the pizza was pretty good but Laura rightly determined, needed klamata olives.  Then off to the B&B for more fabulous water pressure and soft sheets.

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