Ireland Day 7 (Kenmare to Waterford)

This day should just be labeled “The Day We Stayed in a Castle”.

After another delicious breakfast, we packed up and headed down the road to Waterford.  Luckily, the road out of Kenmare in the Waterford direction is much better then from Killarny so we weren’t even phased with the occasional ‘road narrows’.  The arrival in Midleton was uneventful and we were soon signed up for the Jameson Distillery tour. There, we learned the interesting process of distilling whiskey and got to do a taste test between Irish, Scottish, and American whiskey. I had tried them all individually but hadn’t realized what a difference there was until the tasting.  I could taste the smoke from the fires used to roast the barley in the scotch and the sweet corn in the American.  Interestingly enough, there are actually about 20 whiskeys distilled at that facility but they are made with different ratios and grades of product. Then the alcohol is sold to a different company which packages it under their name.

After that, it was on to Waterford where we stopped by the Waterford Chrystal gift shop for a quick walk through.  By quick I mean wandering around looking at everything we couldn’t afford.

I thought about picking this up for Rose but the $35,000 price tag was a little out of my price range.


A much more interesting stop was at Reginald’s Tower which was the remains of 13th century tower that had withstood a multitude of attacks and even has canon ball still lodged in it.


Our final stop for the night was the most exciting of the day. We checked into our castle for the night! Yep, Laura and I decided to treat ourselves one night and stay at the Waterford Castle. It was pretty darn cool. The castle itself is originally built in the 1100s although heavily expanded in the 1800s.  It even has a round tower room that I sent a pic of to Rose.  I told her that it was Rapunzel tower and that I got to meet her and the dragon that lived in the square tower next door.  I even picked up a cute pink brush that I told her was given to me for her by Rapunzel since she has beautiful long hair too.  🙂


The absolute best thing about the castle room was the bathtub.  After a week of long drives and long walks, it was fabulous to soak head deep in bubbles.


Dinner that night we discovered the famous Waterford Blaa bread.  These light and fluffy rolls were a great ending to a long day of driving.  I am defiantly Googling that recipe to make at home.

I will have to say however, maybe because we didn’t pay for a more expensive room, maybe because we didn’t look rich, maybe it’s just most of their lower priced rooms aren’t kept up as well, but while the bathtub was fabulous, the room was a little warn on the edges.  The chairs were a little threadbare and Laura’s side of the bed had a rather deep depression in it.  Lets just say if I shifted over to her side we would quickly end up spooning. 🙂

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