Ireland Trip Day 5 (Dingle to Kenmare)

I could also name this day “The day we both almost had a heart attack multiple times”. More on that later.*

After a fortifying breakfast, we headed out on the Dingle Peninsula to drive the Dingle Loop and see what we could see. What we could see was a lot of pastures, sheep, stone walls, ocean, and tiny roads. It was beautiful. Green, lush, rolling hills and roads no bigger then our car*. All the pictures I took are on my camera so they will have to wait until I get home.

After the ring we headed towards Dingle, stopping at Muckross House on the way. This house was just beautiful. Built in the mid 1800s, it is situated on about 15,000 acres (now a national park). The tour was quite detailed and we got to wind our way through much of the house which had 75% original furnishings.  One thing is for sure though, they loved their hunting back then. Most of the outer rooms were filled with deer heads.


After the tour, with a brief detour to the gift shop, we headed back down the road.
At 4:30.
When we would have to pass all the tour buses coming from the Ring of Kerry.
Along N71, which is a barely 2 lane road.
On the side of a cliff.
With rocks jutting into the road on the other side.
With blind turns.
For 20 miles.*

Lets just say that it was a very good thing that there were no kids in the car or they would have had to cover their ears from the rather colorful language justifiably coming out of Laura’s mouth. I would have taken a picture if I could have peeled my figures from the arm rest.

Once we arrived in Dingle (and kissed the gravel driveway we parked on), we ended up meeting another American couple who were rehashing their similar harrowing drive from Muckross House with the bed and breakfast hostess.  Quickly bffs due to the bond of near death, we headed to dinner where we talked of kids (me) and favorite inexpensive back yummy beer/wine (Laura).  A great ending to a harrowing day.

Helloooo yummy!


Finally we headed back to our B&B, The Whispering Pines, which has been our favorite one by far.  Tall shower heads, soft beds, delicious food, fast wi-fi, and super friends hostesses.

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