Ireland Day 10-11 (Dublin – HOME)

On our last full day in Ireland we decided to wing it a little as there wasn’t anything we felt we ‘had’ to do.  Starting at Dublin Castle we took a tour which walked through the the beautiful rooms with its amazing history.  Did you know that Ireland was under crown rule until only 1922? Crazy.

After the tour we did a little touring of the shopping district where we found a bunch of gifts as well as a bag to hold it all. 🙂  Then on to lunch at a really cool pub called The Church that used to be an actual church.  The guy who started Guinness was married there.  Coincidence?  I think not. 😉


After dropping off our loot, we walked past Christ Church Cathedral (didn’t go in as we were toured out) and St. Patrick’s Cathedral before stopping for tea at The Shelbourne.  Wow, what a hotel!  The bathrooms were nicer then anything in my house.



I was done after tea.  And by done I mean just wanted to go back to the hotel and curl up and NOT walk anywhere for a long time.  Laura went on to meet her friend for drinks (and had a fabulous time) while I walked back via St. Patrick’s and spent the rest of the night chatting with Steve and relaxing.

imageThey really take dog poop seriously around here.  Poop shaming….

imageThe next day went smoothly with taking the bus back to the airport and splitting off with Laura for the next 14 hours (we had different flights).  I flew from Dublin to Frankfort and then on to SFO.  The only small thing of note on the second flight was that I was able to use my miles for First Class.  Oh yes, I have never flown in so much comfort.  Seriously, it was an 11 hour flight and I didn’t have a moment of discomfort.  I think United First has spoiled me forever!  I had a 4 course meal, good wine, my own video screen and could fully recline.  Let me tell you, being able to sit with your legs up makes a huge difference in comfort.  The long flight meant I had time to finish a lovey I was making for Evelyn to replace her binky.

 My humble seat.

A little snack before take-off.


Evelyn’s lovey.


And while the trip was fabulous.  Everything was beautiful and green and fascinating, I was incredibly happy to be home to this….


and this….


and of course, this.20130831_095334

If anyone is planning on a trip to Ireland and would like to know more about things we saw and places we stayed, drop me a line and I would be happy to help.

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