LIVING life vs just living

I watched a screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night.  I haven’t seen a Ben Stiller movie that I’ve thought much of over the last few years.  Some silly stuff that has been entertaining but nothing to make note of (I had to IMDB him to remember what he was in lately).  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is like nothing I have seen from him before.  It was like a love poem to life.

The story is about a man who goes through life doing only what he needs to do.  He feels so much responsibility to provide for his mother and sister that he didn’t do anything for his own enjoyment.  Instead he escapes into elaborate fantasies where he does amazing things.  All the things that he wishes he could do (and then some, after all this was made by Hollywood) if he could just get up the courage.

I feel like this sometimes with my life.  Ok, I’m not saying my life has no meaning or anything quite so depressing but I have often wondered if I am doing everything I could be doing to make not just those I love happy but to make myself happy as well.

Am living up to my full potential or just sloshing through life enough to get by?

Could I do more to LIVE my life and not just live?

Most importantly, how the hell do I make my quite, shy, introverted, self do it?

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