Evelyn at 20 months

It’s been ages since I last wrote an update on Evelyn’s growth and development.  I know how much I love looking back at these so I’m going to try and make more of an effort.


Evelyn has been gaining new words each day.  Most of them you have to actually have seen what she just did or see what she is pointing at to know what she actually said (toddler speak) but the words are there.  Just tonight she knocked a piece of granola bar off her plate and she said “fell down” while reenacting how it fell.

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Now for all of the words she says that you can sort of understand, there are plenty that are not anything like the real thing.  Her word for milk “ba”.  Her word for food is “minna” with a finger pointed at her hand (that’s actually her version of sign language for “more”).  All animals (except Duck for some reason) are named by the sounds they make.  Horses = neigh neigh Cow = moo  Sheep = baa  I remember Rose doing the same thing at this age.


She has defiantly reached the “I want to be like my sister” age.  This is making me realize just how much easier the first kid is just because they don’t have this older sibling influencing them.  Sister can climb up on the chair?  So can I even if it looks like I’m rock climbing.  Sister can open and go through drawers?  So can I and pull out ALL THE THINGS.  Sister pulls a book off the shelf?  I can pull them ALL DOWN!!!

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She also is to the age of time outs and has earned herself a few.  Mostly for hitting.  I remember Rose going through the same thing at this age.  What’s funny is she will sometimes put herself in a time out after you chastise her.  The time outs at this age are very short and most to make a point then anything.  She always has to go over and give her sister a hug and say “sorry” which I think sometimes she likes a little too much.


Sometimes we talk about that we should have named her some name that meant “tenacity”.  Once she sets her mind to something she is going for it.  The interesting part is that she doesn’t get frustrated easily like Rose.  She just keeps working at whatever it is she is trying to do (climb a chair, open a drawer, grab a book) until she does it.  If she can’t do it, she will look around until she finds a tool to work with.  If she doesn’t find a tool, she will ask someone.  Pretty cool really.

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Size and Eating:

She is still our long skinny girl.  Last doctors visit showed 65% on height and 4% on weight.  In her defense, she did just had a good poop before we got there.  A couple ounces in weight there at least.  😉 We aren’t worried about the weight though as she has always been low.  She eats well, poops well, and keeps growing along her own curve.

As far as what she eats, there isn’t much she won’t at least nibble on, although she has her favorites.  Cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and grapes being the highest.  Or smoothies.  We can put all kind of greens and vitamins in there and she will suck them down.  Woot!


She is developing so much of her own personality it is a joy to watch.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings.


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