Better Late then Never: Mother’s Day 2014

Steve and the girls gave me an absolutely fabulous Mother’ Day this year.  There were puppet shows, and brunch, and bike races, and naps (for everyone), and pizza, and frozen yogurt, and stories.

The Amgen bike tour was coming through right near our house and on the way back from brunch we decided to drive the route to see if it made sense to wait and watch the bicyclists go by.  As we drove closer to home i downloaded the app showing where they were and what do you know, they were about 20 minutes away.  We pulled over on a grassy shoulder and the kids were entertained waving at all the police officers that drove by.  Pretty soon, the bikes zoomed by and poof, they were gone.  What a fun way to watch the race.  Minimal wait and fun for the kids.  Plus, three of the cyclists saw the kids sitting there and threw their water bottles their way.  🙂


 Before nap reading of  The Pout Pout Fish.


 An after nap Ariel puppet show.


  Dinner was Old Town Pizza where Evelyn showed off her pizza cooling skills then on to yogurt.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day.


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