What do you do when you have two daughters that are part fish and a new underwater cover for your camera?

Take a bunch of pictures of course!


Seriously, this girl is a goof.


Rose is getting so good at swimming.  She can make it quite a length across the pool and has learned how to roll on her back to rest and bounce to the bottom to pop up for air.  My parents have been sending her to swim class for the past few months and it has done her a world of good.


Now Evelyn…  I’m thinking some mermaid got in her genes somewhere along the line.  That girl loves water with a capitol L.  Her only frustration is that her little toddler body is not made for moving smoothly through the water.  Not that that slows her down much.


See, pure joy.


This last one I cropped myself out of because apparently Evelyn looks adorable underwater and I look like a weird puffed up fish creature.  Bloggers prerogative.

Evelyn Underwater

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