Evelyn’s 2nd Birthday

My baby girls turned 2 last Monday.  How crazy is that?  Since Rose was off on holiday with her Nana and Papa for the week, Steve and I took the opportunity to take Evelyn on a little trip of our own.

Obviously her father’s daughter, Evelyn loves trains.  She even  practiced crawling by chasing Steve’s trains.  Therefore, a trip to a train museum was in order.  We have been to the California State Train Museum a number of times, along with the Nevada County Railroad Museum so the Nevada State Railroad Museum was decided upon.  We actually took Rose there when she was near Evelyn’s age.  It’s a nice museum with a few steam engines and cars to look at.  They also run a rail car on the weekends and a really beautiful steam train on special occasions.

We rode on a rail car.

2014 06 22_3266

2014 06 22_3280


We looked at trains both big,

2014 06 22_3287_edited-1

and small (these were her favorite).

2014 06 22_3286_edited-1

After a morning full of trains, we traveled on to spend a little time at the beach on Tahoe thanks to Steve’s awesome Aunt Gayle and family.  They live in Glenbrook and there is the loveliest beach there.  Plus some beautiful wildflowers this time of year.  I couldn’t resist some glamour shots of Evelyn. 🙂

2014 06 22_3296

 Evelyn (my little fish) had a blast once she got over the chillness of the water. Although I think it was more the playing with her daddy that gave her the most joy.

2014 06 22_3324

While we missed Rose like crazy, it was good for Evelyn to have all the attention from both her parents for a little while.  Something that Rose had for the first 3 years of her life.  Evelyn flourished and I think was a little out of joint (but happy) when Rose was back the next day.

2014 06 22_3308

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