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To continue my review of books for young girls that encourage innovation, engineering, and science, this post reviews Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds.  At first, I almost passed this one by (it came up as a suggestion on Amazon) when I read that the main character was a boy (remember this is about empowering girls).  Luckily I read more carefully and saw that he teams up with a girl pretty quickly into the story.

Going Places follows a boy named Rafael who is very excited to build a go cart for his class’s go cart race.  He gets his kit and quickly builds his cart following every step of the instructions.  Proud of himself, he heads next door to see how his neighbor, Maya, is doing with her’s.  To his surprise, he watches as she uses the same material to build a birdlike airplane instead of a car.  Inspired by her creativity, they team up to combine their talents and build an airplane because as Maya says “The box doesn’t say it HAS to be a go cart”.  Of course, they go on to win the race and build many more fun inventions.

I didn’t buy this book (I found it at the library) but it has definitely made it to my wish list.  Rose loved it and was rather traumatized that she had to return it.

What I took away from this book is the fun and benefit of teamwork with innovation.  And not just working with a team, but being open to other people’s  ideas as a way to improve on yours.  Working with other people’s strengths to compliment your own.  And, when it comes to my daughter, not being too bossy and letting others work their ideas into the project as well.

If you do that, you might just invent something cool like a frog submarine.  🙂

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“Why I review” and a disclaimer:

This post is a continuation on my series of book reviews of children’s book which emphasize topics in the STEM field that would be interesting to young girls.  It started when I had difficulty finding STEM related children’s books that weren’t obviously written for boys.  Most had only male main characters or even only male characters period. My girls had a hard time identifying with them.  Thus, this blog series was born.  The opinions in these blogs are purely my own.  Well, really they are my girls opinions.  Either they like them or they wander off half way through the book.   We’ve read an ever growing number of these books and quite a few bore them or turn out to be subtly sexist (those “disappear”).

The links to Amazon are affiliate links which means I get a few pennies if you end up ordering the books.  These pennies are used for… more books. 🙂

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