The big girl bed and potty training a 2 year old

Rose was relatively easy to potty train.  We took it slow but she was fairly willing to try.  Especially with poop.  She was poop trained by 2.  You know the old adage that Every Child is Different?  No kidding.  Evelyn has definite opinions on when she wants to use the toilet.  No amount of discussion will get her to use it if she doesn’t want to.  We tried the things that worked well with Rose.  Gummies, M&Ms, reading book after book.  Nope.  Sure she will happily take the offered items when she does go in the toilet but the bribes did nothing for her motivation.

After months of trying various things, we have finally found something that has at least a little pull.  Sleeping in the “Big Girl Bed” in the “Big Girl Room” (Rose’s room).  We moved a toddler bed in there a few months ago and she has wanted to sleep there ever since.  So the last few weeks we have been telling her (as she obviously squats in a corner to poop in her diaper) that if she poops on the potty she gets to sleep in Rose’s room.  Finally last weekend it worked.  She got up, moved into the bathroom and pooped right before nap time.  Yay!  Of course, she spent 45 minutes playing in the bed and I finally found her wandering around the room pulling things off shelves by her sleeping sister.  Back to the crib she went!

Then, two nights ago I again reminded her of the prize at the bottom of the toilet and again she chose to use the potty.  This time, with the lights out, she only spend 5 minutes talking and singing before falling asleep.  I had given her lots of warnings about staying in bed and it seemed to work.  When I went in the next morning this is what I found.

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One happy kid.  I have no idea if this will continue to work (the next night she was back in the crib after deciding to use her diaper again) but I have my fingers crossed.  I really want her potty trained before she gets too close to 3.  I remember Rose at 3.  If I think Evelyn is independent and opinionated now, wait until she is a threenager.

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