The Gingerbread Man and his Tree

Rose and Evelyn made Gingerbread Men and Trees for their Aunts and Uncles for Christmas this year.  A few days later, I started to receive this series of texts from “Mr. Gingerbread Man and his sidekick Tree” via their Aunt Karen.  This had me laughing out loud at work and constantly checking me phone for each new one.  The girls thought it was funny although Rose was a little worried about Mr. Gingerbread Man until she figured out it was Karen who was slowly eating him.  🙂  I had to share since it reminds me of Mr. Bill from SNL.

Dear Rose and Evelyn,

Hello from Mr. Gingerbread Man and his sidekick, Tree.  We were walking through the forest and saw a bear.


I went to pet the bear, and he attacked me!  He bit off my arm!

wpid-img_20141229_112353_530.jpgWe went to visit our friends at the North Pole.  It was so cold; it made our decorations fall off!


We climbed a tree but….

wpid-img_20141229_140434_467.jpgIt was icy, so we slipped.  I broke my leg and Tree broke a branch.

wpid-imagejpeg_0.jpgWe were taking a nap, when a hungry lion snuck in and ate part of us!

wpid-imagejpeg_08.jpgTalk about a nightmare.

888After our terrible nap experience, we decided to warm up by the fire, but…..

wpid-imagejpeg_09.jpgWe got too close to the flame.  Lost another limb and branch.

wpid-imagejpeg_045.jpgWe visited our friends in a galaxy far, far away, but…

wpid-img_20141229_173950_641.jpgWe didn’t know Darth Vader would turn to the Dark Side. We also didn’t know he loves gingerbread cookies.


We decided to go far a relaxing time in the hot tub after all our adventures.

wpid-img_20141229_174813_594.jpgTree went in first, and I never saw him again.wpid-img_20141229_175001_726.jpgI decided to swim in and look for him.

wpid-img_20141229_175145_058.jpgIt was the last thing I ever did.


Aunt Karen just wanted to say thank you for my delicious and beautifully decorated cookies.  Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful nieces!  I love you both.

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