Evelyn’s Birth Story

Sooo, Evelyn is almost 3 years old.  I guess it’s finally time to write down Evelyn’s birth story before she graduates from college.  Luckily for all of us, unlike Rose, I will be able to describe everything in one post instead an emotional telling in three different ones.

The day before my due date I woke up at 4:30 am to light contractions.  Since this was kid #2, I could tell these weren’t Braxton Hicks so I started to monitor them (I love the contraction phone apps).  They were occurring every 5-10 minutes but stayed mild and I was able to go about my day.  They slowed down quite a bit so I ran errands and went to Rose’s swim class all the while “wondering”….

My parents had us over for dinner that night and my Dad had gotten my favorite ice cream, Peppermint Stick from Vics.  Apparently Evelyn was a big fan of Peppermint as well since soon after, my contractions started to get stronger and more regular.  We left Rose with my parents and went home to wait.  I was able to get some rest that night (sleeping on a waterproof pad just in case) but by 6am the contractions were getting fairly strong and regular.

At 7am, the contraction were under 5 minutes apart so we heading into the hospital to get checked out.  I was only 2 cm but 80% effaced.  This girl wanted out!  Of course, pretty much as soon as we got the hospital, the contractions slowed to almost nothing.  Sigh….  After walking the halls for a while to see if we could get anything kick started, we heading home again.

I napped a bit then bounced on my yoga ball trying to relax through the contractions and allow my body to do it’s job.  By 5:30pm, the contractions finally kicked into high gear thank goodness.  That was another difference between kid #1 and #2.  I knew with the first “big” contraction that things were finally getting serious.  As much as the others hurt, when your body finally gets down to business, phew!

Back at the hospital I actually got checked by my doctor as she happened to be in with another patient which was nice.  4 cm and 90% effaced!! This meant admittance and EPIDURAL!  Praise John Bonica!  (He invented the epidural) After that I relaxed in my bed and watched the tightening of my belly with each contraction while surfing the internet.  So much better.

By 9:20pm I was still at 4cm but now 100% effaced.  Evelyn wanted out but my body just wasn’t working hard enough for it.  A slight amount of pitocin was administrated at 11pm to help things along and by 12:45 everything was ready to go.

So ready to go in fact that the nurse had me do a practice push before calling the doctor and she immediately said “STOP!” as Evelyn was going to come right out.  lol!  The doc came in and 2 pushes later, Evelyn was born at 12:56am.  She missed her due date by 56 minutes.

We also found out that apparently my insides really want a sunny side up baby.  Just like Rose, Evelyn was facing up.  Rose was turned around by the doc but Evelyn wanted out so bad that she slide right out before the doc even noticed.  Maybe if the doc had kept Rose that way, I wouldn’t have had to push for 2 hours!

Evelyn was healthy and I had very little “damage” so everyone was happy.  In fact, we were out on the town having frozen yogurt the next day.  Yay for a non complicated/traumatic birth.  I did have a slightly numb spot on my butt for a few weeks from the epidural but really, can’t complain about that.  I’ll take it to be able enjoy the final birthing process.  I saw how crazy those contractions were spiking on the monitor!

My adorable, pink cheeked, slightly cone headed from 4 hour 100% effacement daughter.


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