Fun STEM books for young girls: Me…Jane

Me Jane Book

This post I’m going to focus on a children’s book that promotes the Science part of STEM for girls.  Animal Science in particular.

Me…Jane is an adorable book.  It’s written by Patrick McDonald (who draws the comic strip Mutts) and gives a child sized biography of Jane Goodall.  The story follows Jane as she develops a love of the nature after getting a stuffed chimpanzee as a child.  This love followed her through her life and career as a scientist studying gorillas in the wild.  It’s a wonderful story that tells our young girls how a passion for nature can morph into a fascinating job.

It helped that the illustrations are so cute which kept my girls interest.  A big plus. They are drawn in the same style and easy to read prose as the Mutts cartoon.  If your girl loves animals, this is a great book to help her explore some of the possibilities in Animal Science.

I especially love this page as it encourages them to explore and learn.  We used it to explore with the girls how to learn more about topics that interest us.

Me Jane

“Why I review” and a disclaimer:

This post is a continuation on my series of book reviews of children’s book which emphasize topics in the STEM field that would be interesting to young girls.  It started when I had difficulty finding STEM related children’s books that weren’t obviously written for boys.  Most had only male main characters or even only male characters period. My girls had a hard time identifying with them.  Thus, this blog series was born.  The opinions in these blogs are purely my own.  Well, really they are my girls opinions.  Either they like them or they wander off half way through the book.   We’ve read an ever growing number of these books and quite a few bore them or turn out to be subtly sexist (those “disappear”).

The links to Amazon are affiliate links which means I get a few pennies if you end up ordering the books.  These pennies are used for… more books. 🙂

For other STEM children’s books that are fun for young girls try these:

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  1. Abby

    It is great that you and a few more bloggers are emphasizing so much on STEM for girls. As a society, we have to make extra effort to overcome the harm caused by a society that never gave enough opportunity and encouragement to girls to pursue the field of science. Most of this happened unconsciously. I read somewhere that likings and opinions formed at a really young age can stay with you for a really long time. And, that is why it is important for little girls to read books and play with toys that are relative to S.T.E.M.

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