Gifts for your mechanical engineering sweetheart

Every once in a while I run across things that catch my eye because they satisfy both my love of beauty and my inner geek.  Or they are just plain cool.  I figured I would share some of the better ones I’ve come across since there has to be people out there married to/dating/related to female engineers who could use a little extra help finding the perfect gift for valentines day, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.  And if my husband wants to use this list to help him out on our next anniversary it wouldn’t be a bad thing (hint hint honey).  A bunch of these are sold over at ThinkGeek.  If she at all is also a geek over Sify or Super Heros the choices are nearly endless.

1.  The Gear Necklace by Kenekt Design.  Not only is this pretty but the gears actually work.  You can pull the chain through the pendent and it turns the gears.  Sooo cool.  They also make a ring but it seems like it might be a little bulky on a woman’s finger.  And if they every reprint their flower/gear t-shirt, I am so buying one.

Gear Necklace

2.  Kinetic Gear Necklace.  For a little dressier necklace, this is beautiful.  I would imagine that it would go great at an upscale gathering.  The gears work on this too.  You can get the earrings as well but I’m not as sold on them.  They are not as intricate as the necklace.

Gear Necklace and Earrings

3.  Gear/Heart Necklace.  A less expensive but still pretty option.  The gears don’t move but it looks nice and you don’t have to break the bank but buy it.

Gear Necklace 1

4.  Da Vinci Catapult Kit or Desktop Trebuchet.  Moving on from pretty looking to pretty cool.  I’ve been coveting one of these for a while.  I keep thinking it would be a fun project to do with my daughters but I’m not sure if I would want to give up being the one to build the whole thing.  🙂

Small Wooden CatapultDesktop Trebuchet5.  Infinity Pi Scarf.  It’s a pretty infinity scarf (a circular scarf) with the 1st 80 digits of Pi on it.  Get it?  Pi has an infinite number of digits…..  Trust me.  She’ll get the joke.



6.  Wooden Mechanical Wall Clock.  Not only is this clock cool to look at but she will get to build it herself.  She loves to casually say “Oh that? Yah, I built it.” just as much as you.  With this thing, she gets lots of bragging rights.  Although I can’t help thinking the hanging pendulum looks like it might end up a a cat toy so hang it high.


7.  Lego Mug.  It’s a mug you can build legos on.  Need I say more?

ee3c_build-on_brick_mug lego

Hopefully this helps you at least head in the right direction when it comes to choosing gifts for your mechanically minded friend/wife/lover.  If all else fails, buy her some Kinetic Sand (I have a bowl of it on my desk at work) but be warned she is going to want to explain to you at length why it acts the way it does.  🙂


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  1. Caroline

    This is like a list of the things I want! haha But I do agree with the concept behind your choices, it’s really all about the mechanics. You should have a cuckoo clock part of the list, they’re very complicated but beautiful items. The clockwork put into them is very delicate, so a brilliant mind will find it very interesting. I found this shopping guide that might help you out:

  2. Kristen

    Basically My mechanical engineering sweetheart is highly interested in products which are related to cricket. But After checking your list I think he might be interested in these items. I personally the wooden mechanical wall clock in your list

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