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Evelyn’s Birth Story

Sooo, Evelyn is almost 3 years old.  I guess it’s finally time to write down Evelyn’s birth story before she graduates from college.  Luckily for all of us, unlike Rose, I will be able to describe everything in one post instead an emotional telling in three different ones.

The day before my due date I woke up at 4:30 am to light contractions.  Since this was kid #2, I could tell these weren’t Braxton Hicks so I started to monitor them (I love the contraction phone apps).  They were occurring every 5-10 minutes but stayed mild and I was able to go about my day.  They slowed down quite a bit so I ran errands and went to Rose’s swim class all the while “wondering”….

My parents had us over for dinner that night and my Dad had gotten my favorite ice cream, Peppermint Stick from Vics.  Apparently Evelyn was a big fan of Peppermint as well since soon after, my contractions started to get stronger and more regular.  We left Rose with my parents and went home to wait.  I was able to get some rest that night (sleeping on a waterproof pad just in case) but by 6am the contractions were getting fairly strong and regular.

At 7am, the contraction were under 5 minutes apart so we heading into the hospital to get checked out.  I was only 2 cm but 80% effaced.  This girl wanted out!  Of course, pretty much as soon as we got the hospital, the contractions slowed to almost nothing.  Sigh….  After walking the halls for a while to see if we could get anything kick started, we heading home again.

I napped a bit then bounced on my yoga ball trying to relax through the contractions and allow my body to do it’s job.  By 5:30pm, the contractions finally kicked into high gear thank goodness.  That was another difference between kid #1 and #2.  I knew with the first “big” contraction that things were finally getting serious.  As much as the others hurt, when your body finally gets down to business, phew!

Back at the hospital I actually got checked by my doctor as she happened to be in with another patient which was nice.  4 cm and 90% effaced!! This meant admittance and EPIDURAL!  Praise John Bonica!  (He invented the epidural) After that I relaxed in my bed and watched the tightening of my belly with each contraction while surfing the internet.  So much better.

By 9:20pm I was still at 4cm but now 100% effaced.  Evelyn wanted out but my body just wasn’t working hard enough for it.  A slight amount of pitocin was administrated at 11pm to help things along and by 12:45 everything was ready to go.

So ready to go in fact that the nurse had me do a practice push before calling the doctor and she immediately said “STOP!” as Evelyn was going to come right out.  lol!  The doc came in and 2 pushes later, Evelyn was born at 12:56am.  She missed her due date by 56 minutes.

We also found out that apparently my insides really want a sunny side up baby.  Just like Rose, Evelyn was facing up.  Rose was turned around by the doc but Evelyn wanted out so bad that she slide right out before the doc even noticed.  Maybe if the doc had kept Rose that way, I wouldn’t have had to push for 2 hours!

Evelyn was healthy and I had very little “damage” so everyone was happy.  In fact, we were out on the town having frozen yogurt the next day.  Yay for a non complicated/traumatic birth.  I did have a slightly numb spot on my butt for a few weeks from the epidural but really, can’t complain about that.  I’ll take it to be able enjoy the final birthing process.  I saw how crazy those contractions were spiking on the monitor!

My adorable, pink cheeked, slightly cone headed from 4 hour 100% effacement daughter.


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The big girl bed and potty training a 2 year old

Rose was relatively easy to potty train.  We took it slow but she was fairly willing to try.  Especially with poop.  She was poop trained by 2.  You know the old adage that Every Child is Different?  No kidding.  Evelyn has definite opinions on when she wants to use the toilet.  No amount of discussion will get her to use it if she doesn’t want to.  We tried the things that worked well with Rose.  Gummies, M&Ms, reading book after book.  Nope.  Sure she will happily take the offered items when she does go in the toilet but the bribes did nothing for her motivation.

After months of trying various things, we have finally found something that has at least a little pull.  Sleeping in the “Big Girl Bed” in the “Big Girl Room” (Rose’s room).  We moved a toddler bed in there a few months ago and she has wanted to sleep there ever since.  So the last few weeks we have been telling her (as she obviously squats in a corner to poop in her diaper) that if she poops on the potty she gets to sleep in Rose’s room.  Finally last weekend it worked.  She got up, moved into the bathroom and pooped right before nap time.  Yay!  Of course, she spent 45 minutes playing in the bed and I finally found her wandering around the room pulling things off shelves by her sleeping sister.  Back to the crib she went!

Then, two nights ago I again reminded her of the prize at the bottom of the toilet and again she chose to use the potty.  This time, with the lights out, she only spend 5 minutes talking and singing before falling asleep.  I had given her lots of warnings about staying in bed and it seemed to work.  When I went in the next morning this is what I found.

2014 10 09_2501

One happy kid.  I have no idea if this will continue to work (the next night she was back in the crib after deciding to use her diaper again) but I have my fingers crossed.  I really want her potty trained before she gets too close to 3.  I remember Rose at 3.  If I think Evelyn is independent and opinionated now, wait until she is a threenager.

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Fairytale Town (the sequel)


Rose was off with Nana and Papa doing some canoeing so we decided to take Evelyn for some fun of her own.  What better place to take an active 2 year old then Fairytale Town.  We’ve taken her a few times before but usually with Rose and Rose definitely likes to be in charge, to put it mildly.  When she was a temporary “single child”, she just thrived.  All the parent attention was hers!!

She wants to go down a slide?  Sure thing!


She wants to play on the Little Engine that Could?  Sure thing!


She wants to walk the Crooked Mile 3 times?  Sure thing!


She wants to drag her Daddy down a small concrete tube?  Sure thing!


  Plus, unlimited Daddy back rides! (Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?)


 Look!  I was there too!


And no trip to the Land Park area is complete without a Vic’s cheese dog sandwich (and a chocolate shake).

imageIt reminded me of when we took Rose there about the same age.  Same full on, pure happiness that only a 2 year old can have when allowed free rein.

Just to add to the cuteness.  Evelyn in her element.  Tiny and in charge!

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Evelyn turns 2 years old

My sweet Evelyn,

I am always surprised by the changes a year can make at your age.  A year ago, I was waxing poetic about you toddling around your 1st birthday party.  Now you are still technically a “toddler” but dang, you are your own little person now.  Your ratio of staying upright vs falling is getting bigger every day.  Much to the disappointment of the pharmacy department in Target, we have several boxes of band-aids we no longer dip into very often.

And personality, whoa.  Let’s just say you are 2.  “No” is your favorite word.  It is used decisively and often.  Sometimes even when the answer you really want to say is Yes.  And the devilish grin that accompanies it?  I know that you are saying it just to get my goat sometimes.  (Did I mention you are 2?)

Potty training has it’s ups and downs.  Nothing perfect and we still have some time to go before I would let you out of the house in underwear.  We did discover that you don’t mind pooping on the potty as long as we leave the room (girls needs her privacy right?).  Of course, you still don’t want to tell us that you need to poop so lets work on that ok?

We just started you in gymnastics again (Nana and Me Class) and you are doing so much better.  We knew you were ready when you started doing somersaults around the living room.  It amazes me to see your coordination at your age.  You try soooo hard to do things your sister does.  That brings up one of the things I love about you, your tenacity.  As I mentioned in your 20 month update, you ability to stay calm and think things through is pretty darn cool at your age. Your melt downs are almost never about your inability to do something (usually it’s because I’m telling you to stop doing something).  Your little “help peas” is just adorable and so wonderfully tantrum preventing.

Have I mentioned your nickname is Chipmunk?

That little brain of yours is always working.  You can list the numbers up to 20 and count actual objects up to 5.  You can sing entire songs, often treating us to renditions of Do Ray Me in the car.  I just love to see you analyze a new object to figure out how it is put together and operates.

Your priceless reaction to getting a new train.

We love you so much Chipmunk and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

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Evelyn’s 2nd Birthday

My baby girls turned 2 last Monday.  How crazy is that?  Since Rose was off on holiday with her Nana and Papa for the week, Steve and I took the opportunity to take Evelyn on a little trip of our own.

Obviously her father’s daughter, Evelyn loves trains.  She even  practiced crawling by chasing Steve’s trains.  Therefore, a trip to a train museum was in order.  We have been to the California State Train Museum a number of times, along with the Nevada County Railroad Museum so the Nevada State Railroad Museum was decided upon.  We actually took Rose there when she was near Evelyn’s age.  It’s a nice museum with a few steam engines and cars to look at.  They also run a rail car on the weekends and a really beautiful steam train on special occasions.

We rode on a rail car.

2014 06 22_3266

2014 06 22_3280


We looked at trains both big,

2014 06 22_3287_edited-1

and small (these were her favorite).

2014 06 22_3286_edited-1

After a morning full of trains, we traveled on to spend a little time at the beach on Tahoe thanks to Steve’s awesome Aunt Gayle and family.  They live in Glenbrook and there is the loveliest beach there.  Plus some beautiful wildflowers this time of year.  I couldn’t resist some glamour shots of Evelyn. 🙂

2014 06 22_3296

 Evelyn (my little fish) had a blast once she got over the chillness of the water. Although I think it was more the playing with her daddy that gave her the most joy.

2014 06 22_3324

While we missed Rose like crazy, it was good for Evelyn to have all the attention from both her parents for a little while.  Something that Rose had for the first 3 years of her life.  Evelyn flourished and I think was a little out of joint (but happy) when Rose was back the next day.

2014 06 22_3308

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Evelyn showcases her talent

Evelyn shows off her 2 year old powers by singing the ABCs while eating a banana. I bet she could win America’s Got Talent.

This girl is getting such a sense of humor.  And my mom’s laughing just can’t be beat.  🙂

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Easter 2014 Recap

Hey, it’s only been one week since Easter so I say I’m still within the acceptable window to post an Easter recap.  Mostly in pictures because, why not.  🙂

There was a little of this…

Easter 13

and a little of this….

Easter 8

and some of this…

Easter 9

a touch of this…

Easter 10

which lead to a few of these…

Easter 7

and ended with a lot of this.

Easter 6

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Evelyn at 20 months

It’s been ages since I last wrote an update on Evelyn’s growth and development.  I know how much I love looking back at these so I’m going to try and make more of an effort.


Evelyn has been gaining new words each day.  Most of them you have to actually have seen what she just did or see what she is pointing at to know what she actually said (toddler speak) but the words are there.  Just tonight she knocked a piece of granola bar off her plate and she said “fell down” while reenacting how it fell.

1-31 to 2-18 2014_1653

Now for all of the words she says that you can sort of understand, there are plenty that are not anything like the real thing.  Her word for milk “ba”.  Her word for food is “minna” with a finger pointed at her hand (that’s actually her version of sign language for “more”).  All animals (except Duck for some reason) are named by the sounds they make.  Horses = neigh neigh Cow = moo  Sheep = baa  I remember Rose doing the same thing at this age.


She has defiantly reached the “I want to be like my sister” age.  This is making me realize just how much easier the first kid is just because they don’t have this older sibling influencing them.  Sister can climb up on the chair?  So can I even if it looks like I’m rock climbing.  Sister can open and go through drawers?  So can I and pull out ALL THE THINGS.  Sister pulls a book off the shelf?  I can pull them ALL DOWN!!!

1-31 to 2-18 2014_1662

She also is to the age of time outs and has earned herself a few.  Mostly for hitting.  I remember Rose going through the same thing at this age.  What’s funny is she will sometimes put herself in a time out after you chastise her.  The time outs at this age are very short and most to make a point then anything.  She always has to go over and give her sister a hug and say “sorry” which I think sometimes she likes a little too much.


Sometimes we talk about that we should have named her some name that meant “tenacity”.  Once she sets her mind to something she is going for it.  The interesting part is that she doesn’t get frustrated easily like Rose.  She just keeps working at whatever it is she is trying to do (climb a chair, open a drawer, grab a book) until she does it.  If she can’t do it, she will look around until she finds a tool to work with.  If she doesn’t find a tool, she will ask someone.  Pretty cool really.

1-1 to 1-24 2014_1517

Size and Eating:

She is still our long skinny girl.  Last doctors visit showed 65% on height and 4% on weight.  In her defense, she did just had a good poop before we got there.  A couple ounces in weight there at least.  😉 We aren’t worried about the weight though as she has always been low.  She eats well, poops well, and keeps growing along her own curve.

As far as what she eats, there isn’t much she won’t at least nibble on, although she has her favorites.  Cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and grapes being the highest.  Or smoothies.  We can put all kind of greens and vitamins in there and she will suck them down.  Woot!


She is developing so much of her own personality it is a joy to watch.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings.


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Wordless Wednesday: The Disappearing Hand Trick

Disapearing Hand Trick

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Halloween 2013 Recap

Sure it’s a week ago but I figured it was finally time to record down on the big interweb our Halloween (and the days that followed) adventure.  If anything I can post cute pictures of my kids.

First the cute kid pics.

Rose did the thing that most kids do at that age, changed her mind about 10 times about what she wanted to be.  Princess (Cinderella, then Rapunzel, then Snow White, then Sleeping Beauty, then Cinderella, you get the drift), then Fairy Princess (she wanted wings), then Doctor, then Fairy Princess Doctor, then a last minute change back to standard Fairy Princess.  Luckily, Evelyn is still at the age that she cares nothing about what she wears so she was a Dragon to go with Rose’s princess.

Girls Halloween

I wasn’t that thrilled with Rose wanting to be a princess.  The inner feminist in me wanted her to be something less “I like it because I’m pretty”.  Like a superhero or a dentist.  So I bought her a sword.  Yep, if you are going to be a princess, you need to be able to defend yourself from evil queens and bad monsters.  No waiting around for her prince to rescue her for this girl!


Ok, technically, Evelyn was a Dinosaur with wings but it was the cutest outfit I could find (that wasn’t crazy expensive) and I added a set of Tinkerbell wings to make her a Dragon. 😉wpid-20131031_184814.jpg

We went trick or treating in my brother’s neighborhood as we live out in the boonies and I doubt anyone buys candy.  It’s a nice little neighborhood that didn’t have a lot of kids walking around.  This meant that every place we went, the girls got handfuls of candy.  I think we only went to about 15 houses and the buckets were full.  Rose did fairly well, saying Trick or Treat and Thank You.  Evelyn obviously didn’t say anything but she got really good at holding out her little bucket for the candy.  Even if she didn’t know what she was actually getting.


Rose was over the moon over the 4 pieces of candy she was allowed to keep (we are those terrible parents that throw/give away most of our kids candy) and Evelyn enjoyed the 2 little smarties she got to eat. 🙂  All in all a good Halloween.

Then we move on to the rest of the weekend.  Evelyn had been fighting a low grade fever over the past few days.  She had no other symptoms other then that so we had carried her through the Trick or Treating.  That night she woke with a 103.5 fever and ended up sleeping restlessly on me for the rest of the night.  By the time I took her to the doc in the morning, the fever was up to 104.7.

There was lots of this going on.


and this.


Then, after an application of Advil, the fever went away and she was back to her bubbly active self.  It reappeared long enough Saturday morning to bring her back from the babysitter (we were trying to get things done around the property) then disappeared all together.

Then Sunday morning… hives


Luckily, thanks to the internet, I knew that hives were a common thing at the end of a mystery fever virus so I didn’t panic.  She didn’t seem to care about them so we just kept her home and let her go about her day.  She did have an epic nap but otherwise, the hives were gone by Monday.  Never any other signs.  Kids.

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