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Evelyn turns 2 years old

My sweet Evelyn,

I am always surprised by the changes a year can make at your age.  A year ago, I was waxing poetic about you toddling around your 1st birthday party.  Now you are still technically a “toddler” but dang, you are your own little person now.  Your ratio of staying upright vs falling is getting bigger every day.  Much to the disappointment of the pharmacy department in Target, we have several boxes of band-aids we no longer dip into very often.

And personality, whoa.  Let’s just say you are 2.  “No” is your favorite word.  It is used decisively and often.  Sometimes even when the answer you really want to say is Yes.  And the devilish grin that accompanies it?  I know that you are saying it just to get my goat sometimes.  (Did I mention you are 2?)

Potty training has it’s ups and downs.  Nothing perfect and we still have some time to go before I would let you out of the house in underwear.  We did discover that you don’t mind pooping on the potty as long as we leave the room (girls needs her privacy right?).  Of course, you still don’t want to tell us that you need to poop so lets work on that ok?

We just started you in gymnastics again (Nana and Me Class) and you are doing so much better.  We knew you were ready when you started doing somersaults around the living room.  It amazes me to see your coordination at your age.  You try soooo hard to do things your sister does.  That brings up one of the things I love about you, your tenacity.  As I mentioned in your 20 month update, you ability to stay calm and think things through is pretty darn cool at your age. Your melt downs are almost never about your inability to do something (usually it’s because I’m telling you to stop doing something).  Your little “help peas” is just adorable and so wonderfully tantrum preventing.

Have I mentioned your nickname is Chipmunk?

That little brain of yours is always working.  You can list the numbers up to 20 and count actual objects up to 5.  You can sing entire songs, often treating us to renditions of Do Ray Me in the car.  I just love to see you analyze a new object to figure out how it is put together and operates.

Your priceless reaction to getting a new train.

We love you so much Chipmunk and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

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Evelyn’s 2nd Birthday

My baby girls turned 2 last Monday.  How crazy is that?  Since Rose was off on holiday with her Nana and Papa for the week, Steve and I took the opportunity to take Evelyn on a little trip of our own.

Obviously her father’s daughter, Evelyn loves trains.  She even  practiced crawling by chasing Steve’s trains.  Therefore, a trip to a train museum was in order.  We have been to the California State Train Museum a number of times, along with the Nevada County Railroad Museum so the Nevada State Railroad Museum was decided upon.  We actually took Rose there when she was near Evelyn’s age.  It’s a nice museum with a few steam engines and cars to look at.  They also run a rail car on the weekends and a really beautiful steam train on special occasions.

We rode on a rail car.

2014 06 22_3266

2014 06 22_3280


We looked at trains both big,

2014 06 22_3287_edited-1

and small (these were her favorite).

2014 06 22_3286_edited-1

After a morning full of trains, we traveled on to spend a little time at the beach on Tahoe thanks to Steve’s awesome Aunt Gayle and family.  They live in Glenbrook and there is the loveliest beach there.  Plus some beautiful wildflowers this time of year.  I couldn’t resist some glamour shots of Evelyn. 🙂

2014 06 22_3296

 Evelyn (my little fish) had a blast once she got over the chillness of the water. Although I think it was more the playing with her daddy that gave her the most joy.

2014 06 22_3324

While we missed Rose like crazy, it was good for Evelyn to have all the attention from both her parents for a little while.  Something that Rose had for the first 3 years of her life.  Evelyn flourished and I think was a little out of joint (but happy) when Rose was back the next day.

2014 06 22_3308

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Evelyn at 20 months

It’s been ages since I last wrote an update on Evelyn’s growth and development.  I know how much I love looking back at these so I’m going to try and make more of an effort.


Evelyn has been gaining new words each day.  Most of them you have to actually have seen what she just did or see what she is pointing at to know what she actually said (toddler speak) but the words are there.  Just tonight she knocked a piece of granola bar off her plate and she said “fell down” while reenacting how it fell.

1-31 to 2-18 2014_1653

Now for all of the words she says that you can sort of understand, there are plenty that are not anything like the real thing.  Her word for milk “ba”.  Her word for food is “minna” with a finger pointed at her hand (that’s actually her version of sign language for “more”).  All animals (except Duck for some reason) are named by the sounds they make.  Horses = neigh neigh Cow = moo  Sheep = baa  I remember Rose doing the same thing at this age.


She has defiantly reached the “I want to be like my sister” age.  This is making me realize just how much easier the first kid is just because they don’t have this older sibling influencing them.  Sister can climb up on the chair?  So can I even if it looks like I’m rock climbing.  Sister can open and go through drawers?  So can I and pull out ALL THE THINGS.  Sister pulls a book off the shelf?  I can pull them ALL DOWN!!!

1-31 to 2-18 2014_1662

She also is to the age of time outs and has earned herself a few.  Mostly for hitting.  I remember Rose going through the same thing at this age.  What’s funny is she will sometimes put herself in a time out after you chastise her.  The time outs at this age are very short and most to make a point then anything.  She always has to go over and give her sister a hug and say “sorry” which I think sometimes she likes a little too much.


Sometimes we talk about that we should have named her some name that meant “tenacity”.  Once she sets her mind to something she is going for it.  The interesting part is that she doesn’t get frustrated easily like Rose.  She just keeps working at whatever it is she is trying to do (climb a chair, open a drawer, grab a book) until she does it.  If she can’t do it, she will look around until she finds a tool to work with.  If she doesn’t find a tool, she will ask someone.  Pretty cool really.

1-1 to 1-24 2014_1517

Size and Eating:

She is still our long skinny girl.  Last doctors visit showed 65% on height and 4% on weight.  In her defense, she did just had a good poop before we got there.  A couple ounces in weight there at least.  😉 We aren’t worried about the weight though as she has always been low.  She eats well, poops well, and keeps growing along her own curve.

As far as what she eats, there isn’t much she won’t at least nibble on, although she has her favorites.  Cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and grapes being the highest.  Or smoothies.  We can put all kind of greens and vitamins in there and she will suck them down.  Woot!


She is developing so much of her own personality it is a joy to watch.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings.


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Evelyn’s 1st Birthday Party

Only a month behind, but better late then never.

Evelyn’s birthday party was done a week before her actual birthday since my Friday off that weekend made it much easier to do planning/prep work.  Since she loves to play with her sister’s trains, we decided on a “train” theme.  Not that I went all out but it gave me something to do for a cake and party gifts (engineer hats). 🙂

Evelyn 1st birthday party 6 (Medium)

I made her a small smash cake using the same peach cake recipe I used for Rose on her 1st birthday.  I like it because it’s both yummy and I don’t feel like I’m feeding her a gallon of sugar.  She didn’t seem to miss the extra sweetness.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 5 (Medium)

Clearly “got into” her cake.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 4 (Medium)

This required a washing up with the hose.  She didn’t mind that either.  Due to the cream cheese in the frosting, she was a bit like a greased pig after smearing it all over herself.  Even after playing in the water a bit after, her hair was as slick as a 60’s “greaser’.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 3 (Medium)

I made a train cake for the rest of the kids (each got a car) and it came out very cute.  I used the Nordic Ware Train Pan with a yellow Duncan Hines cake mix.   Then just used a bunch of candy found at the $ store stuck on with the decorative frosting that comes in those little tubes.  Easy peasy.

Evelyn 1st Birthday Cake (Medium)

We had the splash table and kiddy pool out but the slip ‘n slide we got for Rose’s b-day party last year was the biggest hit with the kids.  Even Evelyn took a few turns (with help from her Daddy).

Evelyn 1st birthday party 2 (Medium)


My little swimmer girl.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 1 (Medium)

On her actual birthday she was 4 days into an 8 day flu bug so we didn’t do much.  Therefore, the next weekend I made her another little smash “cake” that she proceeded to stuff into her face.  She had brought a toy spatula to the table and after a bit started to use a hand to put the cake on the spatula then eat the cake off the spatula.  I guess it’s time to start introducing her to using a fork.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 8 (Medium)

Happy birthday my little girl.  This year has gone faster then I thought would be possible.  I cherish every day.

You hold my heart.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a walker!

Babies 1st steps

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Evelyn at 9 months old


Poor girl, Evelyn is defiantly a second child.  Not only have we branched out sooner with foods we are giving her (a little bit of baby led weaning) but unlike her sister, we have done only one “month update” with her.  The guilt has finally gotten to me so here we go…

Evelyn at 9 months

Height – 28 in (56%)
Weight – 16 lbs (5%)

My long skinny girl.  The doc isn’t worried about the low weight as she has been that way since birth and is keeping along the same growth chart line.  She did however suggest adding full fat dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese etc) as a way to add more fat into her diet.


Night Time:  On a fairly regular basis Evelyn is sleeping through the night.  By sleeping through the night I mean down at 8ish until 4:30am when she wakes to eat.  This works out well as I generally need to start my morning about 5am to be out the door a little after 6.  (I work 9 hour days to have every other Friday off)  Then I put her back down and she sleeps until I am ready to leave.  Steve or I wake her, change her diaper and pour her into her carseat for me to take her to daycare.  On the weekends she will usually continue to sleep until around 7ish.  There are nights where she will wake up once to eat, usually during a growth spurt or if her teeth are moving.  I will get up and feed her a few nights but then, when her daytime routine tells me she is done with the teething/growth I will do a night of crying it out and she is back on schedule.  Until the next time.

Naps:  These generally depend on what is going on.  Unlike Rose who had three naps until this age and two good naps until about a year, Evelyn is more like a 1 good nap and a few cat naps baby.  Generally the good nap is in the morning but if we are out and about on the weekend and she cat naps in the car she will nap well in the afternoon.  This works well as it usually coincides with Rose’s nap and I can have some time to get things done around the house.


Milk:  She nurses in the morning, drinks a 4-6 oz bottle (or nurses on the weekend) 3 times during the day and nurses right before bed.

Solids: We have been doing a modified Baby Led Weaning.  This means she generally gets little pieces of whatever we are eating at dinner along with 2 oz or so of a puree.  She hasn’t found anything that she doesn’t like although some things (pancakes) are scarfed down faster then others.  I dabbled in dropping the purees but found that she really likes having those couple of ounces of food she doesn’t have to work at with her two little teeth.  I have also started using the baby food grinder on our dinners and have really liked it.  A little water added in and it’s a great consistency for her.


Her first two teeth popped out at 3.5 months so I figured she would be much further along by now.  However, judging by the giant bulging lumps under her upper gums, all four of those might try to come out at the same time soon.


Unlike her sister who started standing on her own simply by not noticing that she wasn’t holding on to anything, Evelyn has been determined to be mobile as soon as she can.  We were just talking about how Rose was starting to walk at this age and apparently Evelyn took that as a challenge.  That girl has been attempting to stand from a crouch for a while now and loves to let go of whatever she is holding onto to and teeter on her cute little feet before thumping down on her butt.  She has even gotten so that after a few seconds she will slowly lower herself to the ground.  She cruises on furniture and man or man does she have a turbo boost mode with her crawling.  She is NEVER where I put her down.  Needless to say all baby gates have been re-installed throughout the house.


First off, as she indicated she would be at an early age, she is a Mommy’s girl.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her Daddy too but given any kind of discomfort or worry and it’s Mommy all the way.  This works out though as Rose is Daddy’s little girl any day of the week.  We each get one.  The funny part about it is I think Rose looks more like Steve and Evelyn more like me.  The miracle of genetics in action.


  She is a curious one.  Always trying to figure out how things work by manipulating it with her hands.  Especially if it makes noise.  That reminds me that I need to get out the button/twist toy.  That will surely go over like gang busters.  She has also figured out how to escape her “baby jail” (areas blocked off by rubber tubs) by pushing the tubs out of the way.  The gleeful look on her face when she makes a break for it makes me laugh every time.

With work, and the property, and Rose it is hard sometimes to stop and pay attention to just my Little Puff.  I forget how much I LOVE this age.  She is adorable and fun and perfect.


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Toothless wonder no more

Yep, my little girl.  My little newborn baby that I still vividly remember carrying in my womb for 9+ months has not only her first tooth but is valiantly working on #2.  You hear that right.  I was all “look at my little girl and her first little toofy!” on Facebook just 7 days ago and now she is working hard on #2.  I mean she is only a few days past 5 months old and she is about to pop through a second tooth!  At this rate I will have a one year old with a full set of teeth.  She must be an engineer like her mommy and want to get the whole teething thing done in the most efficient way possible.

This of course means crabby baby, chewing on everything in sight baby, and “I will protest that nap with every fiber of my being” baby all rolled into one.  I remember this with Rose but much like the pain of childbirth, the true reality of it has been buried deep within my subconsciousness.  For days I have been wandering around in a hazing thinking that “Rose wasn’t this bad” then I went back to my diary (yes I keep a diary for those private thoughts like “OMG I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep in soooo long”) and saw that I was going through the same thing with Rose at this time.  The difference with her is that she didn’t actually get any teeth through until she was 6+ months.  Apparently the one-upmanship between siblings has already started.  Blech.

I have one of those amber teething necklaces but I have been too nervous to try it.  Anyone and everyone tells you not to put anything around your babies neck so it freaks me out a little just thinking about it.  It does have a plastic clasp so in theory it would break if put under a lot of stress but…..  Humph.  Anyone have any real life experience with them working?  Is it worth the “I’m putting something around my babies neck” freakiness?


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Evelyn’s First Tooth

I guess we can stop blaming my old caffeinated pumped milk on the past two sleepless nights. 🙂


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Evelyn at 3.5 months

Our little Evelyn girl is growing so fast.  It seems like yesterday that I was lamenting that I hadn’t yet seen her give even a little smile.  Now she grins up a storm and will talk your ear off given a chance.  I still haven’t heard a good giggle yet but if the squeals and gurgles are any indication those are just around the corner.  She also discovered her shriek which may or may not have been the source of a sleepless and noisy night that evening.

That girl is growing physically like she is trying to catch up to her sister.  At 3.5 months, she has been in 6 month clothing for about a month now.  This, unfortunately is ruining my grand plans of only using Rose’s clothes and saving tons of money.  The clothes fit fine but the seasons are already starting to get off (Rose was born a month later) and I have had to buy 6 month summer things to get her through the remnants of this Indian Summer.  I foresee the separation in clothing seasons getting further and further apart.  Boo!  Girl takes after her daddy.  Loooong and skinny!  We should take bets now on when she will get taller then her sister.  I’m thinking sometime in grade school judging by the current growth rate.


She has been grabbing and manipulating things for a few weeks and can achieve her targeted trajectory with her hands about 70% of the time now.  Those objects which were grabbed go directly into her mouth so the lessons on what not to put near the baby are currently being taught to her older sister.  I’m looking around our house and realizing another of the differences between the first and second.  With Rose, we didn’t have any problems baby proofing and keeping all little things out of her reach.  I wondered (ignorantly) why parents thought the whole “baby proofing” thing was so hard.  You just keep the floor picked up and put on some cabinet locks right? Ha!  Enter the older sister.  Once Evelyn becomes mobile (even with rolling) we have a lot of work to do to keep all the little toddler toys up off the floor.


Speaking or rolling, she is soooo close to rolling over back to front.  She has the scrunch legs up-thrust hip over movement down pat and will turn her head and reeeeach her arm out in an attempt to flip.  It’s just that darn lower arm.  IT gets in the way every time.  She can’t figure out what to do with it.  I forgot what an instinct this flipping thing is as she really doesn’t have an actual desire to be on her tummy.  In fact if you help her along and she actually achieves the tummy position she immediately begins to loudly protest her sudden tummy time.  Silly girl.


Once she hit the three month mark, both she and I started to loose our hair.  My postpartum hair loss is getting a little out of control.  I’m fairly certain that I could have donated a whole wigs worth of hair to a small child with what I have lost so far.  Luckily no bald spots though.  Yet.  I also have a paranoia that it is all going to grow back in grey.  Blech.

Evelyn is getting the same “ring around the head” that Rose had but she still has a ton more on top.  In fact it is growing longer to the point that she resembles Albert Einstein after a bath.  Time will tell if she looses it all and becomes a q-ball like Rose or if she just looks like Moe on the Three Stooges until it grows in again.  The hair that is there on the top is lightening and has a slight red sheen that she obviously gets from her daddy.

We are falling in love with our little girl more and more every day.

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5 week Evelyn update

Apparently the inside of my uterus sounded like a washer and drier.  I had Evelyn in the Boba wrap tonight and she was fussing and crying her displeasure at being confined.  I was a week over due with the laundry so the poor girl was stuck until I could change the loads.  As soon as I turned on the washer and drier Evelyn closed her eyes, gave a big sigh and fell asleep.  Who knew?
She looked a lot like this.
My little Evelyn girl is growing like a weed.  At 5 weeks, she is well out of her newborn clothes and has started to grow out of the 0-3 month as well.  Definitely taking after her Daddy’s side of the family.
 She really looks big when riding in her big sister’s baby doll stroller.
She is starting to look around more and has longer periods of happy baby versus fussy angry baby.  Love that!
“Well, hello there!”

I am still waiting for that first smile.  Hopefully soon as I love baby grins.  Rose had a wonderful one.

 The Thinker.
We were swaddling her for sleep, expecially at night but she hated it.  It would allow her to sleep longer but she just fought it as she was going down.  So for the last few days we have just put her in a sleeper and let her figure out how to stay asleep.  So far so good.  She still give us a good 4-5 hour chunk at first during the night then falls asleep after a feeding.  Yay!
“No swaddle can contain these guns!”


Rose continues to love her baby sister although she demands her share of attention.  Having a three year old with a little baby sure is different.  Luckily Rose is in a fairly independent phase but it still takes a load of energy to juggle both kids.  Thank goodness I have a super helpful hubby and some wonderful parents and in-laws to help out.  I think I would be going nuts if I was doing this myself.  Those stay at home mommys and daddys who don’t have a good support system are amazing.
 Big sis and little sis.

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