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Evelyn’s 2nd Birthday

My baby girls turned 2 last Monday.  How crazy is that?  Since Rose was off on holiday with her Nana and Papa for the week, Steve and I took the opportunity to take Evelyn on a little trip of our own.

Obviously her father’s daughter, Evelyn loves trains.  She even  practiced crawling by chasing Steve’s trains.  Therefore, a trip to a train museum was in order.  We have been to the California State Train Museum a number of times, along with the Nevada County Railroad Museum so the Nevada State Railroad Museum was decided upon.  We actually took Rose there when she was near Evelyn’s age.  It’s a nice museum with a few steam engines and cars to look at.  They also run a rail car on the weekends and a really beautiful steam train on special occasions.

We rode on a rail car.

2014 06 22_3266

2014 06 22_3280


We looked at trains both big,

2014 06 22_3287_edited-1

and small (these were her favorite).

2014 06 22_3286_edited-1

After a morning full of trains, we traveled on to spend a little time at the beach on Tahoe thanks to Steve’s awesome Aunt Gayle and family.  They live in Glenbrook and there is the loveliest beach there.  Plus some beautiful wildflowers this time of year.  I couldn’t resist some glamour shots of Evelyn. 🙂

2014 06 22_3296

 Evelyn (my little fish) had a blast once she got over the chillness of the water. Although I think it was more the playing with her daddy that gave her the most joy.

2014 06 22_3324

While we missed Rose like crazy, it was good for Evelyn to have all the attention from both her parents for a little while.  Something that Rose had for the first 3 years of her life.  Evelyn flourished and I think was a little out of joint (but happy) when Rose was back the next day.

2014 06 22_3308

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Wordless Wednesday: Like father like daughter



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Singing Daddy

Why yes, my husband is a little silly but I love him anyway because it makes my daughters laugh. Oh, and Evelyn’s big sister loves her.  🙂



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It’s a Daddy thing….

I like to think of our family as being modern and progressive.  That Steve and I share equally in the parenting (both the good stuff and the bad stuff), that we talk through our parenting choices until we come to an agreement on how to raise our daughter, and that we both work to balance “bringing home the bacon” and making sure Rose has the loving support she needs.
However, I am forced to admit that there are some things that are truly “Daddy” things.
Like sharing his love of trains both big
and small.
Some things are simply because of his size like long arms,
legs (daddy slide),
and torso.
Some things purely because they make me catch my breath just watching them happen.  My estrogen to testosterone ratio is way off for these.
And some things just because he is who he is.  A man who loves his daughter with every fiber of his being.
Happy Father’s Day my darling husband.  You are a more wonderful father then I can ever say.

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The great toddler train adventure!

For Steve’s birthday, my parents gave him and us tickets to ride the Amtrak up to Truckee.  This could have been the best present that Steve has gotten in a very long time.  Mostly because the joy that it brought his little girl.  She, like her Daddy, is a train lover and has been asking for a while now to go for a ride on one.  Well Saturday was her lucky day.  We rode the train from town into Sacramento and then from Sacramento to Truckee.  The trip into Truckee was a little long for her but she loved the ability to wander around the observation car and quickly made friends with the nice people sitting next to us.
Happily waving at the Engineer and completely oblivious to what was coming next.
“Oh!! My!! Gosh!!  I get to ride on that?!”
I don’t know if she could have been any more excited.
In Sacramento, we stopped by the train museum.  If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend stopping by.  It’s world class and a must see for any tiny train buffs.
Thanks to Great Grandma, we got to eat lunch in the dinning car.  Actually pretty good food.
The wonderful guy that he is, Grandpa Lease picked us up in Truckee and drove us back home.  With a stop by the cabin to play in the last of the snow of course.
Look, proof that I was there!
 Ya know, you don’t realize just how big you are getting at 33 weeks pregnant until you take a look at a picture.
Well, how big Evelyn is getting.
I blame any weight gain on her.
It all melts off after birth right?

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Like Father like Daughter

At Rose’s age, most peoples kids push balls back and forth with their parents.  Soccer balls, basketballs, large bouncy balls.  It’s a great game to work on their hand eye coordination and a great excuse for a toddler cuddle.  My kid, the daughter of my train obsessed passionate husband, she plays the back and forth game with a toy train.  Her idea.  🙂  I think it’s in the blood.


Of course, she has a little of me in her too.  A book and a Red Vine.  Life is good.  Please ignore the ducky pajamas.


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Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Life

Contemplating Life, The Universe and All Things Daddy

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Joy is….

tickle fighting with your Daddy.

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Pool Time Fun

 “Ummm, Nana?  I’m not sure about this.”
“Never mind.  This is great!”
 “Mmmmm, yummy!”
 “Splish splash, I was taking a bath!”

“This is great Daddy!”
 “Wait, you let dogs in here?”


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Father’s Day Part 2


Between the baseball game with my family and brunch with Steve’s family, Sunday was pretty full up.  Therefore Saturday became the unofficial “Father’s Day” for Steve.  The whole day was free (for once) and it had been a long time since we had headed off on any kind of vacation we packed up Rose and headed to Carson City.  What the heck is in Carson City you ask?  Why the Nevada State Railroad Museum of course!


Shortly under Steve’s love of family and friends is his love of trains.  He can’t wait for Rose to become old enough to play (and not try to eat or bash into pieces) model trains with him.  She already has a pink engineers hat.  I think he has a little worry in the back of his mind that she will end up being to ‘girly’ to want to play with him but I was once a little girl and I know that little girls love nothing more than hanging out with their dads.  Sure there may be time she will grow too old but he will just have to wait a few years.  She’ll come back around.


The train museum is really nice.  A little on the small side but it has a few nice sized engines and several interesting cars.  There is even a train ride that runs around the museum grounds.  This made Father’s Day all the better because Rose got to go on her first train ride with her Daddy.  We sat in the car right behind the steam engine and Rose loved to look at the steam (it’s what she is looking at in the pic above)


She had a blast sitting and looking at everything going by and of course charming everyone around her.


 After the train ride we checked out the museum.  They had several things there for little kids to look at including two Thomas the Train layouts and this cool ‘engine’ they could climb on and fiddle with.  I think we have a train lover in the making. 


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