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For My Girls: #1

This is the 1st in a series I’m planning on posting each Monday morning.  It’s taken from an ongoing list I’ve been keeping in my diary over the last year detailing advice from an “old, experienced, married lady” to my daughters.  It was started for slightly morbid reasons as a way to give my daughters advice about life on the teeny tiny horrible chance I’m not around to see them grow up (told you it was a bit morbid).  The other reason is I figured as teenagers they would most likely sneak peeks at my diaries and it was a possible way to get them to actually listen to me.  😉  I’ve included my slightly cheesy stick figure drawings because, why not?

High heals are pretty and can make your legs look great.  BUT, they also kill your feet and limit your movement.  Keep them for special occasions only.  It makes them special and will save your feet when your older (trust me).

High Heals


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