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A lifetime ago

A while ago I spent a few hours on Friday with a good friend and her kids.  After a quick lunch we took the kids to one of those bounce house businesses to run off some energy.   If your kid is older then about 2, those are great places to go.  Rose and her two friends went up and down and through and over and under and…. for a good hour and a half.  My friend and I, we talked.  And talked and talked.  When it was time to go I felt like we had barely touched on the number of things we could have gabbed on about.

This friend and I met 16 years ago (although I prefer to pretend I’m not old enough to have known post-elementary school friends that long) through our respective husbands who knew each other through college and then work.  I don’t remember why we first started to to couples things together but soon that moved on to the two of us ladies getting together at least once a week. It was one of those instant connections where it seems like you have known this person for a lifetime from the moment you meet. In fact, we had only been hanging out for a few months when a complete stranger asked if we had known each other for all of our lives. It’s like that.

As I drove home past the area she used to live (she moved 1.5 hours away to her families ranch *sniff*), all the memories of things we used to do and all the time we used to spend together flooded back. The crafting, the horse stuff, the helping on the ranch, more crafting, the cooking… It seemed like another lifetime. It made me realize that as you get older, your life gets cut up into partitions. Childhood (elementary school), preteenhood (junior high), teenagehood (high school), college, post college, kids…. In my mind at least, they seem like separate lives that I have lived. It makes me understand more the whole “chapters in your life” thing. While I (the main character) am still in the story, the supporting characters and minor story lines are always changing which changes the feel of my life. Lots good, some bad but always ever changing an ways I don’t realize until I look back.

We used to have a crazy Christmas baking day every year.  Sigh….

1st Christmas Baking-1

Now we are onto the “Kids” portion of our lives.  Where we text weekly, talk once a month, and see each other a few times a year.  It sucks but with the kids in school, me working full time, her running a working cattle ranch (and a soccer league, and running her kids around, and helping out with 50 million other things because she is awesome like that.  Seriously, I don’t know how the ladies has time to breath) we barely see each other.  I love my life right now but it doesn’t mean I can’t miss my other “lifetimes” sometimes.  Right?

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A girl’s weekend

In the need of a little get away, my friend and I headed up to Steve’s grandfather’s cabin near Donner Lake.  We both took our little girls who, being 6 weeks apart in age and the children of two very good friends, are destined to become good friends themselves.  They got along really well.  A few hair pulls and eye pokes but nothing more than baby curiosity.  It was fun to watch them share toys and jabber at each other in baby speak.  I wonder what they were saying.  🙂

It was an eventful two days filled with a poopsplotion at a restaurant, spraying toilet drain lines, leaking showers, hiding petcocks, really really really nasty unfrozen food in the freezer and flying pickle jars.  All that was offset with nothing much to do besides talk, watch silly romantic movies and eat too much.  A great and memorable weekend.

The aftermath of the poopsplotion.  Note the lack of onsie.  I took a pic because I could hear dueling banjos when I looked at her outfit.
We brought two buckets of toys.  The bowl drums were a bigger hit.
“Whack on this Marie.  It makes a great noise!”
Marie plays the drums while Rose plays the clarinet.
Fun was also had with the toy buckets.
Me and my girl in the snow.
The future BFFs.

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