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A day at the water park

Rose likes water.  I take that back, Rose loves water.  No wait, Rose LOVES water.  Besides her love of trains, it’s proof that half of her DNA came from her daddy.  The two of them can play in a creek for the better part of a day.

On my day off this week I met with a friend at a local park that had a very cool water feature.  Rose was in heaven.  They had built a concrete creek with an inch or two of water flowing through which was perfect to wade in, fill buckets, and float small plastic pigs down (the only thing I had in my diaper bag that floated).

Picture proof my daughter knows how to share.  At least this time.

The second water feature was a waterfall that flowed from a giant steel pipe about 10 feet in the air.  With water flowing at 25 feet per second, you would think it would dissuade most toddlers.  Not my daughter!  It took her about 5 minutes to get up the guts to run through.


Do you think she liked it?



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A walk to Hidden Falls

This Mother’s Day, the best present I could get was time with my family. A hike on the Hidden Falls trails filled that requirement perfectly.
Once Rose learned the work ‘fast’ the two of them quickly got ahead of me.
We made it!
Just in time for a drink.  Rose luuuuved the Nalgien with the straw.
Proof I was there too.  Me and my little sweetie.
At the falls themselves, there is a wonderful overlook with fully toddler proof railing.  This was one minute before Rose let us know she needed to use the potty.  Closest potty was a mile or so back at the parking lot.  We walked fast.  She made it!


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All Things Good and Hugh

I just had a simply fabulous day.  I drove (well my friend drove) to San Francisco, rode BART for the first time, ate a delicious lunch, wandered through a number of high end stores and drooled over the expensive clothes, got free samples of a very expensive and yummy smelling perfume, then…..wait for it…… saw Hugh Jackman sing show tunes, live, as in I was actually in the same building.  How cool is that?!  Sure we had to use binoculars to see him closely, but….the same room!!!  Man of man, he is even better looking in person.

And does that guy have a set of pipes!  He sang a variety of show tunes and kept us laughing in between.  My friend and I have determined that Hugh is the perfect man.  He is handsome, kind, loves his wife (she was there and he sung her a love song), is good looking, loves his kids (they were there too and he mentioned them a number of times.  You could just see the love), has a hot body, has a beautiful voice, is wealthy, and an all around nice guy.  Did I mention that he is good looking?  I sure hope he leaves his dirty socks on the floor or something. His wife needs something to complain about.  🙂

To make a great day even better, we took our time getting out of the theater and were in time to see him leave.  He stopped to sign autographs and we were within 15 feet of him.  Oh my, he was even better looking close up.  It was my first celebrity sighting and I must say it was a bit surreal.

We ended the day with a delicious dinner and aching feet from walking around San Fransisco.

I’ll say it again, a simply fabulous day.

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Playing Mario with Uncle Dusty

She started off happy enough with her own remote.
But then she decided that helping Uncle Dusty use his was more fun.
You can guess how that ended.  🙂

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Our day at Fairytale Town

This weekend Steve and I took Rose to her first adventure into Fairytale Town in Sacramento.  Fairytale Town is a wonderful inexpensive amusement park for ‘the little folk’ in the Land Park area.  Everything, even the entrance, is kid sized (us adults had to duck to get through).  Rose had a BLAST!

Walking into King Arthur’s Castle with Daddy.
Fairytale Town
The two princesses on their throne.
Fairytale Town
There was a ‘crooked mile’.  Rose ran most of the way.  With Daddy following close behind.
Fairytale Town
“We made it though!!”
Fairytale Town
This photo was taken right before Steve and I realized that we are now officially parents.  Both of us had our hearts in our throats when we let out ‘little girl’ go down the slide by herself.  She of course LOVED it and wanted to do it over and over and over.
Fairytale Town
And, like any newly walking child, she was reintroduced to gravity a few times.  The below picture was just before she did a complete belly flop onto the concrete.  She is getting better at falling though as she held her face up off the ground.  Only a little knee scrape and no crying.
Fairytale Town
 This showcases the dangers of playing with your daddy.  She was so engrossed with giggling with him that she turned and walked right into the corner of the wall.  That involved a big knot on her head and a bit of crying.  Poor thing.
Fairytale Town


Even with her couple of ouchies, she was in kiddy heaven.  Her favorite part being the sitting in the big red tractor.  She could move the wheel all she wanted and when she ‘beeped the horn’ the tractor honked.  Although the sound mysteriously came from the direction of her parents.  🙂
FairyTale Town

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Reason # 17 why I want the new iPhone

Oh, I wish that I had the new iPhone last night.  Sooo much.  We were at a friend’s house enjoying an after dinner glass of wine and some music in the living room while Rose ran around trying to find various things to pick up and break.  At one point she wandered in front of us and started what I can only describe as ‘Line Dancing’.  She shuffled to the left, she shuffled to the right, she turned in a circle, and wiggled her little butt.  She flapped her hands, then clapped them together, then tucked them behind her back.  Then she started all over again.  We were dying with laughter.  And cheering our hearts out for her.  Our little dancing queen.

That in itself is a reason to buy the new iPhone.  It can take video.

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Futon Love.

Nana T saw this on one of our (very dangerous) treks to Babies R Us this weekend and couldn’t resist.  Rose can’t get enough of it.  One of her latest favorite things to do it ask to be put up on a chair so she can sit “like a big girl”.  Usually with a hand stretched to each arm rest.  She was so excited that she could get up on this all by herself.  I really like it because the entire chair is made of foam and is low to the ground.  ie the probability is low (never zero, nothing a baby touches is) that she will hurt herself on it.

Her first ‘sit down’.
toddler princess futon


She grabbed an old cel phone she likes to play with and sat down to text the news of the new chair to her peeps.
toddler princess futon
One of her favorite poses.  Just like her daddy. 🙂
toddler princess futon
Another great feature of this chair.  It’s a futon!
toddler princess futon
Chair snuggles!!
toddler princess futon

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I think she likes red licorice…

One of the fun things about having a toddler that is old enough to experience more and more foods is watching their reactions to the occasional treat.  I am a firm believer in feeding my daughter the best foods possible but every once in a while I think it’s good for her mental health to share a treat with me.  This weekend I was eating a piece of red licorice and thought I would see how she liked it.  The plan was to let her have a little bite, take it back and have a big bite of my own, let her have a little bite, take it back etc.  Generally she is great at sharing food.  She is my daughter however so I should have known it would have been different with the licorice.  The first hand off went well.  Then this happened.

“Rose would you like another bite?”  “Yes please mommy!”  (Note the hand waving in ‘please’ sign)

“Ok, last time she took it from me.  This time I’m going to run to the other side of the room where she can’t get it back.”

“Dang, she figured that out.  I know, when we play peek-a-boo, she can’t see me when I crouch down.  Hehe, she will never find me here.”

“Waaaaaaa!  She took it again, maybe crying will work.”

After this I took one last big bite, waited until she stopped crying and gave her the tiny little bit left.  Then I quickly exited the area before the crying could begin again.

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Joy is….

tickle fighting with your Daddy.

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There’s not much better….

than a good book.

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