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Gardening with Papa and Mommy

My dad found these electronic anti-gopher devices and we figured the best way to try them out was to stick one in the tomato section of the garden.  That area is over-run with gophers/voles and will be a perfect place to test its effectiveness.  We planted a mess of onion starts and garlic around the device and now its wait and see.  I know the gophers/voles love onions since a few years ago, one found its way into the garden and systematically ate all 40 that I had planted.  I would go down and there wouldn’t be anything left but a little hole where the the green part once was.  Sigh….

Rose came down with us to the garden and was a really good girl for almost the entire time.  While we cleared the row and my dad rototilled, Rose played by the fence line, chomping on the last of the seasons tomatoes, tasting rocks and organizing weeds into piles.  I started off with her in the backpack but it is really hard to rake and pull weeds with a 14 month old leaning waaaaay over to the side to see what you are doing. I kept feeling distinctly unbalanced!

Yummy tomato!
 “I’m a real farm girl!  I cut my teeth on extension cords!”
 Contemplating life, the universe and everything.
Helping mommy plant onions is fun!

And then she went all Godzilla on the newly planted onions and I had to take her back up to the house.  Thanks for finishing dad!

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