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The big girl bed and potty training a 2 year old

Rose was relatively easy to potty train.  We took it slow but she was fairly willing to try.  Especially with poop.  She was poop trained by 2.  You know the old adage that Every Child is Different?  No kidding.  Evelyn has definite opinions on when she wants to use the toilet.  No amount of discussion will get her to use it if she doesn’t want to.  We tried the things that worked well with Rose.  Gummies, M&Ms, reading book after book.  Nope.  Sure she will happily take the offered items when she does go in the toilet but the bribes did nothing for her motivation.

After months of trying various things, we have finally found something that has at least a little pull.  Sleeping in the “Big Girl Bed” in the “Big Girl Room” (Rose’s room).  We moved a toddler bed in there a few months ago and she has wanted to sleep there ever since.  So the last few weeks we have been telling her (as she obviously squats in a corner to poop in her diaper) that if she poops on the potty she gets to sleep in Rose’s room.  Finally last weekend it worked.  She got up, moved into the bathroom and pooped right before nap time.  Yay!  Of course, she spent 45 minutes playing in the bed and I finally found her wandering around the room pulling things off shelves by her sleeping sister.  Back to the crib she went!

Then, two nights ago I again reminded her of the prize at the bottom of the toilet and again she chose to use the potty.  This time, with the lights out, she only spend 5 minutes talking and singing before falling asleep.  I had given her lots of warnings about staying in bed and it seemed to work.  When I went in the next morning this is what I found.

2014 10 09_2501

One happy kid.  I have no idea if this will continue to work (the next night she was back in the crib after deciding to use her diaper again) but I have my fingers crossed.  I really want her potty trained before she gets too close to 3.  I remember Rose at 3.  If I think Evelyn is independent and opinionated now, wait until she is a threenager.

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Evelyn turns 2 years old

My sweet Evelyn,

I am always surprised by the changes a year can make at your age.  A year ago, I was waxing poetic about you toddling around your 1st birthday party.  Now you are still technically a “toddler” but dang, you are your own little person now.  Your ratio of staying upright vs falling is getting bigger every day.  Much to the disappointment of the pharmacy department in Target, we have several boxes of band-aids we no longer dip into very often.

And personality, whoa.  Let’s just say you are 2.  “No” is your favorite word.  It is used decisively and often.  Sometimes even when the answer you really want to say is Yes.  And the devilish grin that accompanies it?  I know that you are saying it just to get my goat sometimes.  (Did I mention you are 2?)

Potty training has it’s ups and downs.  Nothing perfect and we still have some time to go before I would let you out of the house in underwear.  We did discover that you don’t mind pooping on the potty as long as we leave the room (girls needs her privacy right?).  Of course, you still don’t want to tell us that you need to poop so lets work on that ok?

We just started you in gymnastics again (Nana and Me Class) and you are doing so much better.  We knew you were ready when you started doing somersaults around the living room.  It amazes me to see your coordination at your age.  You try soooo hard to do things your sister does.  That brings up one of the things I love about you, your tenacity.  As I mentioned in your 20 month update, you ability to stay calm and think things through is pretty darn cool at your age. Your melt downs are almost never about your inability to do something (usually it’s because I’m telling you to stop doing something).  Your little “help peas” is just adorable and so wonderfully tantrum preventing.

Have I mentioned your nickname is Chipmunk?

That little brain of yours is always working.  You can list the numbers up to 20 and count actual objects up to 5.  You can sing entire songs, often treating us to renditions of Do Ray Me in the car.  I just love to see you analyze a new object to figure out how it is put together and operates.

Your priceless reaction to getting a new train.

We love you so much Chipmunk and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

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You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…..

1.  Your bathtub looks like this.
2.  You have diapers in every bathroom of your house, in your purse and in the glove compartment of your car.
3.  You have offered baby wipes to random strangers when they spill something.
4.  You bathroom looks like this.


5.  You have small containers of M&Ms; in every bathroom.

4.  Half of your DVR is filled with episodes of Sesame Street.
5.  You know who Mr. Noodle is.
6.  You know that Mr. Noodle has a brother and a sister.
7.  You are annoyed that there is apparently only 5 episodes of Abby’s Flying Fairy School for all 20 or so episodes of Sesame Street last season.
8.  You have spend time pondering the changes in Elmo’s hair styles.
9.  You freezer has been or currently is full of mysterious cubes of different colored purees.

10.  You have know, from experience, not to put stuffed animals into the drier.  This guy once had a long flowing mane and tail.


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