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Just the Two of Us…


Rose and I attended our 1st “Two of Us” camp at the Girl Scout Camp Menzies last week.  It was Rose’s 1st experience at camp and the 1st in a looooong time for me.  The only thing I really remember about the bible camp I attended as a kid was the stomach flu that swept though the campers. Ew.

I’m fairly sure that my outgoing, older girl loving, friend gathering, kid would do fine on her own but I selfishly wanted to share in her 1st camp experience.  Luckily our local Girl Scout camp has a parent/child week where you can come and have the camp experience with your daughter.

 She only deemed to sit once with me at the campfire.  Then it was all about the friends.

2016 07 09_1345

We did crafts (Rose’s only breakdown was when I told her she couldn’t make her lanyard while walking down a steep rocky trail), canoeing (and canoe water fights), horseback riding (I got the ex packhorse that didn’t want to go unless nose deep in the horse in front of him), slept under the stars (and woke up drenched with dew), sung songs (and more song and even more songs), ate good food (except the one night the cook must have had off and everything was burnt/dry), and made friends (both of us).

Holding my coffee cup to get warm after sleeping under the stars

2016 07 09_1315

I learned how to make a friendship bracelets, lanyards, lots of new songs, how easily little girls are distracted when there are tiny frogs hopping about in the grass, and how to accidentally soak your daughter’s back during a canoe water fight.

Soooo many lanyards…

2016 07 08_1351

The other moms (and the few dads) there formed a sort of comradery as our daughters reached various stages of exhaustion/over stimulation and broke down.  It was a little heartening to see just about all of them reach that point and know it’s not just my daughter that had to cry it out in the shower stall because “mom’s mean”.  It must be tough for these little girls to have to be “on” all day for 4 days.  So many kids and counselors and adults to impress is exhausting.  Luckily for me, Rose reached the breaking point after the 1st full day and was fabulous the rest of the time.  I did have to tell her a few times that when she goes back next year without me, the counselors WILL tell her what to do and keep her on track and make her go to bed.  I’m still not sure she believes me.  lol!

2016 07 09_1327

In the end, I think Rose liked me being there about 70% of the time.  I call that a win and can’t wait to go back.


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Starting the Girl Scout Journey

I have fond memories of Girl Scouts from when I was young.  From Brownies up to Cadette I did crafts, earned badges, did crafts, ate snack, did crafts….  It was fun but by the time I was a Cadette in junior high I was pretty bored of doing crafts and being on my own if I wanted to do anything else.

With Steve being a die hard Boy Scout there wasn’t really a question on if Rose would start Girl Scouts as soon as she was old enough.  With a vision of years of craft projects running through my head (and a small amount of dread), I started to research what it is to be a Girl Scout in the modern era (not that I was a GS back in the dark ages but it was *cough cough* 25 years ago).  Imagine my happiness when I found out that the Girl Scouts have made a huge effort the past few years to move away from the weekly crafts and focus on actually preparing our girls to be the leaders of the future.

Taken from the Girl Scout Website:

A girl Discovers her special skills and talents, finds the confidence to set challenging goals for herself and strives to live by her values. This includes being proud of where she came from as well as where she’s going.

A girl Connects with others, which means she learns how to team up, solve conflicts, and have healthy relationships. These skills help her in school right now and prepare her for any career she chooses in the future.

A girl Takes Action and makes the world a better place, learning a lot about her community and the world along the way.

How cool is that?  I’m starting to read more and more articles about the Girl Scouts working to do many of the things that have made the Boy Scouts such a successful organization and then some.  Not only are they working with top executive women to publicize how the Girl Scouts helped them as children (think the Eagle Scout network) but have put a huge effort in to incorporating more outdoor skill and a STEM curriculum (a field close to my own heart).

Rose has now been a Daisy for almost 7 months now and still looks forward to every meeting.  Of course at her age, many of the activities that we do are centered around crafts but all have a purpose towards teaching them about respect, caring, and being better people.  Just this last week they learned all about being resourceful to keep the planet healthy.  I’m proud of my little Girl Scout and can’t wait to see where the journey takes her.


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Disneyland through the eyes of a 5 year old

BC (before kids) I always told myself I wouldn’t take MY kids to Disneyland before they were at least 7.  I didn’t want to “waste money” when they most likely wouldn’t remember it.  Then I had kids.  When Rose was 3.5 and Evelyn was 6 months we took a family trip to Disneyland.  It was fun and Rose enjoyed it but she was still a little young to really get the true magic of the park.  After that, I figured it would be at least 5 years before we went again since then Evelyn would be tall enough to go on all the rides and Rose would be more then old enough to remember it.

Wellllll, then a few months ago my parents mentioned that they wanted to take Rose.  And the more I thought about it the more I couldn’t bring myself to send her down without me.  I had to be there to witness her reactions to her first full size roller coaster (she was tall enough to go on all but 1).  Steve stayed home with Evelyn, bless his heart.  Evelyn at 2.5 is old enough to know what Sissy is getting to go on that and she doesn’t plus would have to be carried/pushed most of the time.  Turned out to be a good thing anyway as they both came down with separate cold/flu bugs while we were gone.

So I don’t know if Rose will remember much about her day at the Happiest Place on Earth but I will never forget the joy and happiness on her face as she experienced everything.  My little roller coaster queen begged to go on the fasted roller coasters over and over.  She laughed along with the guide on the Jungle Cruise.  She marveled at the animatronics on Pirates of the Caribbean.  She stopped to watch every street performance.  She sat open mouthed as the Small World floated past.  Worth. Every. Penny.  I wish that we could have spent more time there.  Or better yet, afforded to stay at the Disney hotel.  At a 5 year old pace, we really only saw 1/2 the park and we were there all day.

As an adult, Disneyland is a fun place.  As a 5 year old, Disneyland is magic.

The Jungle Cruise is hilarious to a 5 year old.


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Girls and Legos: Making it Work

You may remember in my Tinker Bell post that I expressed the desire for Tinker Bell themed Legos to encourage my daughter’s creativity.  Since Disney doesn’t seem to have read my post, I thought I would take matters into my own hands.  I found a little fairy* (and a mermaid for good measure) at Target and thought they would fit well to Rose’s creations.

The look on her face was priceless when I pulled them out last night when we went to build with her Legos.  Her imagination immediately went into overdrive and there was soon a lake for the mermaid and a flower garden for the fairy.

I think the smile on her face says it all.

Girls Lego Collection Barbie

It didn’t stop there.  Soon there was this.

Girls Lego Creation 2

And lots of this.  Best. Idea. Ever.

Girls Lego Creation

I can’t wait to see where her imagination takes her.  Time to encourage her to engineer some of the cool devices Tinker Bell creates in her movies.

*I tried to find the fairy and mermaid I bought but Amazon didn’t have the exact one.  This is the same thing but with a Princess, Fairy, Mermaid, and Unicorn. I wish I had seen this one!

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Rose turns 5

Dearest Rose,

Two weeks ago you turned 5 year old.  Fiiiiiive!  The evening before your birthday you asked me if you were going to be “bigger” the next day.  You have thought for so long that when you were 5 years old that you would be so much bigger in size that when the day came, apparently you were going to magically shoot up a few inches.  Sorry hon.  Although you are now tall enough to go on most of the rides at Disneyland, it didn’t happen overnight.

2014 07 20_3520

One of the things I love about you most is your adventurous spirit.  Your energy can be high sometimes but almost never “crazy pants” level.  You certainty got your love of sports and energy draining activities from your dad (I was much happier with low energy pursuits at your age) but luckily you have also inherited my love of books.  Your dedication and drive at the age of 5 to work on gymnastics is quite awe inspiring.  I’m not sure what sport you will end up focusing on as you get older but whatever it is, you are going to be great at it.

And that brain of yours.  When you choose to concentrate, sometimes under protest, it just amazes me.  You have read your way though the first few levels in the Bob books and can do basic addition and subtraction.  If you work past your shyness with the teachers in Kindergarten, you are going to blow them away.  Your brains along with your enthusiasm is going to get you far in the world.  I can’t wait to see where you go.

2014 07 20_3541

And last of all.  Your heart.  Your heart is huge.  To see the love and caring you show to your sister (along with a healthy dose of antagonism, you are still 5) is so wonderful to see.  I think it’s huge that you love to help your sister as much as you love to tell on her.  😉  You don’t just love her, your LOVE her.  Us too (with an emphasis on Daddy my little Daddy’s girl).

2014 07 26_3429_edited-1

I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

You hold our hearts,

Mommy and Daddy


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Wordless Wednesday: When did she get so old?

Easter 3

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Easter 2014 Recap

Hey, it’s only been one week since Easter so I say I’m still within the acceptable window to post an Easter recap.  Mostly in pictures because, why not.  🙂

There was a little of this…

Easter 13

and a little of this….

Easter 8

and some of this…

Easter 9

a touch of this…

Easter 10

which lead to a few of these…

Easter 7

and ended with a lot of this.

Easter 6

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Snuggling in the Memories

Tonight I was face down on the bed “resting my eyes” while Rose had her quiet time before bedtime.  Right when I was thinking it was time to drag myself up and put her to bed (or tell Steve too), I hear the padding of little feet.

“Mommy, I’m coming up.”

She crawls up and lays her head down on my out stretched hand.

After a few minutes I sit up and reach out and pull her towards me, tucking her body against mine.

As I cocoon my body around her I marvel that she is still a little girl.  So many times lately, when she recites full lyrics to a song or tells me an elaborate story or dances around the room looking a bit like Elaine on Seinfeld, she seems older then her 4.5 years.

But then, as I stroke her soft arm, I admire it’s softly rounded form.  For all her slenderness, she has the slightly pudgy wrists of a child.  It reminds me of that she is still a little girl, not much past her toddler years for all her “I’m my own person” outlook on life.

So I snuggle her slight form, breathing in her sweet scent, and try to cement every one of these feelings/scents/emotions into my memory.

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Rose’s Birth Story Part 3 – The NICU

As I mentioned in Part 2, Rose had breathed in some meconium at birth despite the efforts of the nurses.  This may have been the cause of the fever which began within 15 minutes and continued to climb until they gave her a cool bath which seemed to get it under control.  This meant blood work which indicated some kind of infection.  The next morning (Friday) the doctor ran the blood work again and the white blood count was higher then before as well as increased panels.


This began two of the longest days of my life.  Rose was moved to the NICU where she lived in a (thankfully open topped) incubator, often under lights to fight the jaundice that showed up.  She was hooked up to iv lines to administer antibiotics and had heart and temperature monitors taped to her little body.  I went in every 3 hours to feed her and pumped half way through that.  While we were able to hold her, the need for the bilirubin lights limited our snuggle/feeding time.


In the afternoon of the 1st full day she was in the NICU, I was given the “your as healed up as your gonna be for a while so the insurance isn’t paying for more”.  We simply moved into a hotel down the road and continued to visit the NICU every 3 hours through the night and into the morning.


Then, when we came in for the noon feeding on Sunday, we were met with the NICU doctor’s smiling face.  She said that Rose’s levels were all back to normal and show could go home.  Whoa.   Ok then!  We checked out of the hotel, did some paperwork and packed our tiny little girl into her car seat only to find out, on one of the hottest days of the summer, the AC had stopped working in my car.  Nice.  The drive home was a little windy with the windows open but that’s ok.  We were finally home with our baby.  Then it was time to adjust to being first time parents.  Yikes!


While the time with Rose in the NICU was difficult, it was nothing compared to what many parents have to go through.  She was never in any real danger and was there is a little under 3 days.  She was next to a baby that was born at 2 lbs 6 oz.  So tiny!!  I almost cried when I heard a mother across the way talking to the nurse who was helping her try and nurse for the first time 2 months after giving birth.  It was the first time the baby was big enough to try.  Sniff sniff.

I can’t thank the nurses at the Sutter Roseville NICU enough.  They were kind and patent and loving during a difficult time.


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Rose’s Birth Story. Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

So now I was all settled in comfortably and pain free.  I could finally relax and sleep, only being woken up every hour or so to be checked instead of every 3 minutes.  Sweet sweet relief.  Let me tell you, I admire those women who have a med free labor.  They are truly amazing.  Me, bring on the meds!!

There was only one moment of drama where the nurses had let me lay on one side too long and Rose’s heart rate slowed a bit, then the monitor moved so it wasn’t picking it up at all.  Let’s just say it was a little disconcerting to wake to an alarm and have about 5 nurses running into your room.  They very calmly and professionally moved me around ( I couldn’t move very well myself with the epidural) and found Rose’s heart beat again.  Phew!

At 2:45 am my water broke and I was at 7 cm. Having your water break is weird. I don’t think there was a popping sound but there was a popping feeling. Know what mean? The nurses noted that there was some meconium in there so they knew to be watchful when she came out. I figure it was because of the fairly long labor.

At 7:30, I was 10 cm and they called the doctor in. She could see that while my body was ready, Rose wasn’t dropped very far. She had a scheduled c-section so she had the nurse start me pushing a bit while she was gone. It was a good thing she didn’t push the c-section (it’s like she had done this before) because when she came back 30 minutes later, I wasn’t very progressed.

Of course this was the time that she felt around and discovered the reason. Rose was sunny side up. This prompted some very uncomfortable efforts to turn her around because no way was she coming out otherwise. After about 10 minutes when I think my doc was seriously considering sending me in for a c-section Rose finally flipped.

Even after a that, it was about another hour or so before she finally came out. At 9:20, Rose was born and despite the efforts of the nurses to suction the meconium, immediately gave some good cries and sucked some in.

I know that lots of moms talk about the “blessed moment where they see their baby for the first time and they feel they love pouring out of them”.  Me, I stared at the white film covered butt on my belly and thought, “Thank god that’s over. Man this is weird.”


Steve dutifully took pictures while they cleaned her up and weighted her 7lbs 8oz 19.5 inches. All this I saw from afar while my doctor did her best to put me back together again. Unfortunately by the time they were done, Rose had developed a fever so blood was drawn for testing. The results of that are a post for another day.

Doing a little skin on skin with a proud Daddy


Before I knew it, I was resting on my bed with a little wrinkly baby up against my skin.  Happy, but still a little weirded out.

Tune in next time for “It all turns out fine but not as planned”.

 Tired but happy.IMG_1220


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