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Rose turns 5

Dearest Rose,

Two weeks ago you turned 5 year old.  Fiiiiiive!  The evening before your birthday you asked me if you were going to be “bigger” the next day.  You have thought for so long that when you were 5 years old that you would be so much bigger in size that when the day came, apparently you were going to magically shoot up a few inches.  Sorry hon.  Although you are now tall enough to go on most of the rides at Disneyland, it didn’t happen overnight.

2014 07 20_3520

One of the things I love about you most is your adventurous spirit.  Your energy can be high sometimes but almost never “crazy pants” level.  You certainty got your love of sports and energy draining activities from your dad (I was much happier with low energy pursuits at your age) but luckily you have also inherited my love of books.  Your dedication and drive at the age of 5 to work on gymnastics is quite awe inspiring.  I’m not sure what sport you will end up focusing on as you get older but whatever it is, you are going to be great at it.

And that brain of yours.  When you choose to concentrate, sometimes under protest, it just amazes me.  You have read your way though the first few levels in the Bob books and can do basic addition and subtraction.  If you work past your shyness with the teachers in Kindergarten, you are going to blow them away.  Your brains along with your enthusiasm is going to get you far in the world.  I can’t wait to see where you go.

2014 07 20_3541

And last of all.  Your heart.  Your heart is huge.  To see the love and caring you show to your sister (along with a healthy dose of antagonism, you are still 5) is so wonderful to see.  I think it’s huge that you love to help your sister as much as you love to tell on her.  😉  You don’t just love her, your LOVE her.  Us too (with an emphasis on Daddy my little Daddy’s girl).

2014 07 26_3429_edited-1

I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

You hold our hearts,

Mommy and Daddy


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11 month baby brag

Rose is going to be one year old in one month.  One month….. I really need to start planning her party!


Babies need a DVR feature.  We should be able to pause their growth during the cute times, rewind occasionally to relive fun stages and then have some time saved up to be able to fast forward past the tough stages.


Right now I want to hit the pause button because it is such a joy to watch her explore her world and develop her personality.  She walks everywhere with the occasional spurt of running/controlled falling.  She loves to be chased and will squeal with delight and run till she falls if you run after her, then put on baby turbo boost to crawl away at top speed.  She knows how to wave and just started blowing kisses although this morning she blew me a kiss and then blew me a raspberry.  haha.  I’m thinking we will try more signing and she if she catches on.


She has discovered my drawer full of measuring cups and will babble excitedly as she sifts through them.  She will take out two, bang them together to see how they sound and then exchange them for two more until she finds a combination that includes one that is metal (they make the loudest noise) and then walk throughout the house singing and playing the measuring cup cymbals.


We are working with her to climb up and down the stairs safely.  One of the best things we have taught her so far is to climb down from something by scooting over to the edge backwards and sliding down feet first on her belly.  When she first started getting mobile enough to want down from the couch or chair or whatever, we would always turn her around and slide her down with her belly to the couch/chair/etc.  Somehow that stuck in her head and now she does it automatically.  I’m not saying that my hand isn’t always hovering over her back while she maneuvers herself down but it sure does help my nerves to know that in general she will not be launching herself off things head first.  Phew!


We are up to 6 teeth now and, judging by the off and on sleep issues at night the next set is coming soon.  I’m wondering if it will be her molars as there are huge lumps under her gums that seem to get bigger every time I look.


Here’s too another month of baby snuggles, baby giggles and baby kisses.  We love you baby girl.  Don’t grow up too fast.

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10 month baby brag

Oh my goodness. Two months until Rose is 1 year old. Two months!!! I guess we better start planning her birthday party. As it’s going to be in the middle of summer I’m thinking it should involve water. Princess and water maybe…. (Yes, I know she will not care what ‘theme’ I choose but I need to do stuff with princesses and pink and pretty things now just in case in a few years, when she develops an opinion, she decides to be a tom boy, like her mother did)

The biggest development coming into 10 months is her continued mastery of walking. She is to the point where if where she is going is 10 or less steps she will turn and walk instead of crawl. Don’t get me wrong. When there is something to get to that is really exciting (a cat) or might not be there for a long time (a cat) or is a touch too far away (a cat) she will still drop down and crawl. An engineer at heart she knows what is still the most efficient and reliable method of transportation.

Otherwise she continues to give kisses. (warning to turn and give her your cheek as these are a bit slobbery)

And make funny faces.And be loved by her daddy.
And be tormented by her daddy. (He was blowing in her face. It made her laugh)IMG_5352
And torment her mother.


And experience her first raindrops. (We realized she had never been out in the rain yet. She wasn’t too thrilled with it. haha.)

Keep on thriving baby girl. We love you.



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Happy 9 months baby girl!

My sweet little girl is now 9 months old.  If you go by the old adage that “a woman is pregnant for 9 months” (ha ha more like 10), then she has now been out in the great big world for the same amount of time that she was hiding in my belly.  Wow.

“I was in where?!”

 Rose continues to develop both her mental and physical prowess in baby steps (pun intended).  Her curiosity continues to grow along with her hand eye coordination giving her the ability to sort through the toy bin with ease.

And play the cake pan drums like a pro.
And manipulate her spiny-twisty toys.
She continues to stand on her own more and more.  Occasionally she will take a step or two but doesn’t seem to have any huge desire to head off running.  Phew!
We are clapping our hands right along with you my dear.  Even when you chew on your daddy’s tie.

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8 month baby brag

Lets face it.  These monthly updates are just an excuse to brag about the wonderfulness of Rose so I decided not to beat around the bush with the title.  hehe.

How could I not brag about this cutie?

Rose is pulling herself up on everything as anyone within crawling distance can attest.  If you stand or sit in one place for every long you will soon feel little hands tugging on your pants leg as she pulls herself up.  Once she’s up however, be careful as her two lower teeth are getting rather prominent and are SHARP!  The cute ‘oh she is chewing on my finger/leg’ ain’t so cute anymore.

“Please Mommy!  Can’t I nibble on your knee?”

She has even been known to stand for short periods of time although more just by happenstance instead of a conscious effort on her part.  We are thinking walking is still a few months off.

“Look Ma, no hands!”

Brought on by her intense desire to be on the move, diaper and outfit changes have turned into Olympic events specializing in wrestling greased pigs.  These are no holds barred, “wish I had 4 hands”, “Rose stop trying to get the cat”, “Rose stop trying to grab the diaper”, “Rose stop trying to crawl away”, “Rose let go of my arm”, “Yes Rose, that’s your daddy.  No you can’t go to him” events.  Sigh….

“I don’t know what your talking about.  I’m always lay perfectly still.  hehe.”

Just this past week she has learned how to put puffs and yogurt melts into her mouth.  Previously she would eat them only when you placed them in her mouth for her.  For a baby that puts everything possible into her mouth you would have thought she would have caught on earlier.  So far we haven’t found a food that she doesn’t like.  However, there are some I think I may not feed again for a while due to the stinkyness of diapers they produce (asparagus).

“One puff, two puff, three puff, yum!”

We are still at two teeth although with the slight gum swelling, fussyness at night, runny nose and increased desire to chew on everything (if that’s possible).  I’m guessing it won’t be long before we have some top teeth poking through.

“Better watch out, I’ll take you out like this bear!”

One of the cutest things she has started doing is ‘sharing’ whatever she is chewing on.  If you go down to her level and open your mouth she will, more often than not, hold out whatever toy she is currently gnawing on so that you can partake in the munchy joy as well.  Very cute, although I admit to passing on the delight of chewing on the slobbery object most of the time.  🙂

Happy 8 month birthday little girl!



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Oh my, how much she has grown!

 I was putting away a bunch of Rose’s things that she had grown out of and realized just how big she is getting.  At 7.5 months she is HUGE compared to how big she was as a newborn.  Where did my little baby go?!  I thought you all would get a kick out of the comparison of sizes between a few weeks and now.  The hardest part was getting her to stay still long enough to take the photos. 🙂

3 weeks old


9 weeks old


2 weeks old


3 weeks (sorry about the photo rotation)
5 weeks old (this one makes me laugh)
The trip home from the hospital

3 months

2 weeks

Here she is laying next to one of my favorite newborn outfits of her’s.  She actually fit into it for a few weeks.  Crazy!  I tried to get her to straighten her legs to get a better comparison but she wasn’t having it.  Two seconds after I took this she crawled off to try and eat the cord for the humidifier.


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7 months of love

Where did February go?  It seems like I was just writing Rose’s 6 month update and here she is at 7 months.  Well, 7 months and a few days because I got all caught up in when to post her 7 month update in a month with no 30th.  That and playing my new Wii during the time I usually blog.  haha.

Rose’s desire to be mobile is growing every day.  

She crawls like a pro…
Pulls herself up on everything and everyone.  ‘Rose I know he’s cute but you are a little close.’

 Even if it is an unstable support and she is hampered by cute but too big clothing.

She also has two bottom teeth poking through much to the determent of anyone who lets her chew on their finger.  The first tooth caused a whole lot of fuss and a sleepless night for all of us.  The second came as a bit of a non event as she was deep in a cold at the time and I think was too miserable to be bothered by it.
So happy 7 month b-day my little cutie.  May you continue to thrive.

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Solid foods and progress in sitting up.

On Sunday, Rose had her first taste of solid foods.  We started with brown rice cereal, more for the non staining factor than anything.  She has taken to it like a champ!  Apparently all the intent staring at her parents as they ate paid off.  Right from the start she was opening her mouth for the spoon.  However, once the food was in her mouth, figuring out what to do with it took a while.  Last night, she finally really figured out the tongue movement needed to get it back far enough to swallow efficiently.  Man, was she excited after that!  Legs were kicked and hands were waved if I didn’t get the spoon over to her fast enough.
“Thanks Grandpa and Nana for my totally awesome hi-chair!
“Are you going to give me some more of that or not?”
I am amazed on how quickly she progresses with something once she figures out how to do it.  Last night she figured out how to maneuver herself into a sitting up posture on her own.  This is not a very stable position and soon results in the imitation of a felled tree.  Also, the temporary stability of the sitting may have been helped by the fact that her legs kept getting caught up in the body of her jammies thus holding them in an almost cross legged position.  We will have to see if she can perform the same sitting posture in pants.  🙂
Like my new yoga position?”
  She is also working on pulling herself up.  Right now, the effort finds her in a kneeling or sitting on her feet position which also results in the felled tree imitation most of the time.  We now have a video of her doing that imitation into the kitchen wall after an exploration of the light socket covers.  Time to bubble wrap the house!
“Look Ma, no hands!


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Holy Diapers Batman! Rose is 6 months old!

It seems like yesterday (or at the most last week) I was FINALLY feeling the blessed effects of the epidural kicking in after 48 hours of ‘pre-labor’.  (Pre-labor my foot!)  A wonderful nights rest later, a much smaller Rose gave her first (of many) very POed cries.
It’s hard to believe she once was this small.


Now our little girl is eating ‘solid’ food, grinning up a storm and crawling like its going out of style.  She still doesn’t sit up fully on her own but has found a modified position for a substitute.   Here she is showing off her ‘Model on a Beach’ pose.


No talking yet although not from lack of effort from her parents from whom often repeated ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ can be heard echoing through the house.  However, my money is on ‘Hi!’ being the first word uttered from her mouth as that is spoken by all those around her in an effort to see that beautiful grin.

Happy 6 month birthday Baby Girl!



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Working on sitting up

For the past few weeks Rose has been able to sit on her own…. kind of.  If placed in a sitting position by an adult and then said adult sat with his/her legs around her she will sit and play with a toy in a tripod position while occasionally bouncing back and forth against the adults legs as she drifts from one side to the next.  Tonight we witnessed her actually attempting to get into a sitting position all by herself.  She made it about half way.

Any attempt by her to make it further would result in her falling flat on her face.  Any attempt by us to show her how to get further up would result in her falling flat on her face.  So, she spent a lot of time tonight lounging in the ‘model on the beach’ pose.  Until now I never really thought about just how a baby learns how to do things like sit up on their own.  Is it a thought out process of looking for a way to sit up or was it just dumb luck that she happened to tuck her butt cheek in, put her arm out and realize “Hey!  I’m almost sitting up!”?
Showing Dad how it’s done.
“Look what I can do!  You must think its pretty neat since you keep pointing that flashy thing at me.”

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