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A girl’s weekend

In the need of a little get away, my friend and I headed up to Steve’s grandfather’s cabin near Donner Lake.  We both took our little girls who, being 6 weeks apart in age and the children of two very good friends, are destined to become good friends themselves.  They got along really well.  A few hair pulls and eye pokes but nothing more than baby curiosity.  It was fun to watch them share toys and jabber at each other in baby speak.  I wonder what they were saying.  🙂

It was an eventful two days filled with a poopsplotion at a restaurant, spraying toilet drain lines, leaking showers, hiding petcocks, really really really nasty unfrozen food in the freezer and flying pickle jars.  All that was offset with nothing much to do besides talk, watch silly romantic movies and eat too much.  A great and memorable weekend.

The aftermath of the poopsplotion.  Note the lack of onsie.  I took a pic because I could hear dueling banjos when I looked at her outfit.
We brought two buckets of toys.  The bowl drums were a bigger hit.
“Whack on this Marie.  It makes a great noise!”
Marie plays the drums while Rose plays the clarinet.
Fun was also had with the toy buckets.
Me and my girl in the snow.
The future BFFs.

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Hitting the slopes

Steve took a trip up the mountain to go skiing last weekend and when he unpacked the ski stuff, Rose (Steve) decided that she wanted to try them out.

“My, what big shoes you have Daddy.”
“Ski’s?  Check!  Poles?  Check!”
“I think these may be a little big for me.”  
(Note the different background.  Yes we did this to her twice.)

“Point me to the Bunny Slopes!”

Just because everything is a teething toy.

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What do you do…..

when your 6 month old daughter has an icky cold and hasn’t napped more than 30 minutes all day?  Head to Soda Springs Ski Resort of course!  Rose has been fighting a cold that for the past day or so and, with her stuffy head and cough, has had a hard time getting any napping in (eating has been an adventure too).  One of the best ways to get an overly tired little girl to sleep is to take her for a drive.  Now where could we go that’s at least an hour away?  To the snow! We drove up, stayed about 30 minutes and drove down.  The things you do for your kids.  🙂  Rose slept both down and back.  Wohoo!

Practicing her chair lift technique.
Smiling for the camera.

Getting warm by the fire.
Burning off energy for the sleep home. 


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