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Sunday Sunset: Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

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Sunday Sunset

It’s been a while since I posted a Sunday Sunset.  This was from last night while a random Northern California summer thunderstorm rolled through. You can see the peaks of the Coast Range.



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Sunday Sunset – February 6, 2010


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Sunset Sunday – #1

I thought I would start showing off some of the other things that happen in and around our five acres that don’t directly involve Rose.  If you have never been to our house, you may not know that 4 of our 5 acres is on the side of a hill.  While this does present some issues (mowing, building, walking etc) it does allow for some absolutely breathtaking sunsets.

So her you go, week 1 of Sunset Sunday.  I’m starting off with what I found when I looked out my window last night.



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