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For My Girls: #4

No man will love you like your Dad, but try and find one that treats you as well as he does.  Strike that, don’t try, DO.


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For My Girls: #3

Your being smart should be a turn on for the guy you’re with.  If it’s not, dump him like yesterday’s trash.  He’s not worth it.


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For My Girls: #2

You are intelligent.   Don’t EVER let anyone convince you otherwise.


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Evelyn’s Birth Story

Sooo, Evelyn is almost 3 years old.  I guess it’s finally time to write down Evelyn’s birth story before she graduates from college.  Luckily for all of us, unlike Rose, I will be able to describe everything in one post instead an emotional telling in three different ones.

The day before my due date I woke up at 4:30 am to light contractions.  Since this was kid #2, I could tell these weren’t Braxton Hicks so I started to monitor them (I love the contraction phone apps).  They were occurring every 5-10 minutes but stayed mild and I was able to go about my day.  They slowed down quite a bit so I ran errands and went to Rose’s swim class all the while “wondering”….

My parents had us over for dinner that night and my Dad had gotten my favorite ice cream, Peppermint Stick from Vics.  Apparently Evelyn was a big fan of Peppermint as well since soon after, my contractions started to get stronger and more regular.  We left Rose with my parents and went home to wait.  I was able to get some rest that night (sleeping on a waterproof pad just in case) but by 6am the contractions were getting fairly strong and regular.

At 7am, the contraction were under 5 minutes apart so we heading into the hospital to get checked out.  I was only 2 cm but 80% effaced.  This girl wanted out!  Of course, pretty much as soon as we got the hospital, the contractions slowed to almost nothing.  Sigh….  After walking the halls for a while to see if we could get anything kick started, we heading home again.

I napped a bit then bounced on my yoga ball trying to relax through the contractions and allow my body to do it’s job.  By 5:30pm, the contractions finally kicked into high gear thank goodness.  That was another difference between kid #1 and #2.  I knew with the first “big” contraction that things were finally getting serious.  As much as the others hurt, when your body finally gets down to business, phew!

Back at the hospital I actually got checked by my doctor as she happened to be in with another patient which was nice.  4 cm and 90% effaced!! This meant admittance and EPIDURAL!  Praise John Bonica!  (He invented the epidural) After that I relaxed in my bed and watched the tightening of my belly with each contraction while surfing the internet.  So much better.

By 9:20pm I was still at 4cm but now 100% effaced.  Evelyn wanted out but my body just wasn’t working hard enough for it.  A slight amount of pitocin was administrated at 11pm to help things along and by 12:45 everything was ready to go.

So ready to go in fact that the nurse had me do a practice push before calling the doctor and she immediately said “STOP!” as Evelyn was going to come right out.  lol!  The doc came in and 2 pushes later, Evelyn was born at 12:56am.  She missed her due date by 56 minutes.

We also found out that apparently my insides really want a sunny side up baby.  Just like Rose, Evelyn was facing up.  Rose was turned around by the doc but Evelyn wanted out so bad that she slide right out before the doc even noticed.  Maybe if the doc had kept Rose that way, I wouldn’t have had to push for 2 hours!

Evelyn was healthy and I had very little “damage” so everyone was happy.  In fact, we were out on the town having frozen yogurt the next day.  Yay for a non complicated/traumatic birth.  I did have a slightly numb spot on my butt for a few weeks from the epidural but really, can’t complain about that.  I’ll take it to be able enjoy the final birthing process.  I saw how crazy those contractions were spiking on the monitor!

My adorable, pink cheeked, slightly cone headed from 4 hour 100% effacement daughter.


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The cleverness of children

I remember what Rose was like at Evelyn’s age so you would think it wouldn’t amaze me to see the cleverness and imagination of an almost 3 year old.  Still, when I look over and see her using a small stuffed sea otter as a play phone since it’s the correct size and holds itself on the “phone holder”, I can’t help but be a little stunned.

This kid hasn’t been out in this world for a full 3 years and yet here she is making up stories, improvising (many times for her own gain, ha), and inventing games.  The stuff she comes up with makes me more then a little nervous for her teenage years.  Some of the excuses/explanations that girl can invent to get what she wants….

Their minds are amazing things.

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The Gingerbread Man and his Tree

Rose and Evelyn made Gingerbread Men and Trees for their Aunts and Uncles for Christmas this year.  A few days later, I started to receive this series of texts from “Mr. Gingerbread Man and his sidekick Tree” via their Aunt Karen.  This had me laughing out loud at work and constantly checking me phone for each new one.  The girls thought it was funny although Rose was a little worried about Mr. Gingerbread Man until she figured out it was Karen who was slowly eating him.  🙂  I had to share since it reminds me of Mr. Bill from SNL.

Dear Rose and Evelyn,

Hello from Mr. Gingerbread Man and his sidekick, Tree.  We were walking through the forest and saw a bear.


I went to pet the bear, and he attacked me!  He bit off my arm!

wpid-img_20141229_112353_530.jpgWe went to visit our friends at the North Pole.  It was so cold; it made our decorations fall off!


We climbed a tree but….

wpid-img_20141229_140434_467.jpgIt was icy, so we slipped.  I broke my leg and Tree broke a branch.

wpid-imagejpeg_0.jpgWe were taking a nap, when a hungry lion snuck in and ate part of us!

wpid-imagejpeg_08.jpgTalk about a nightmare.

888After our terrible nap experience, we decided to warm up by the fire, but…..

wpid-imagejpeg_09.jpgWe got too close to the flame.  Lost another limb and branch.

wpid-imagejpeg_045.jpgWe visited our friends in a galaxy far, far away, but…

wpid-img_20141229_173950_641.jpgWe didn’t know Darth Vader would turn to the Dark Side. We also didn’t know he loves gingerbread cookies.


We decided to go far a relaxing time in the hot tub after all our adventures.

wpid-img_20141229_174813_594.jpgTree went in first, and I never saw him again.wpid-img_20141229_175001_726.jpgI decided to swim in and look for him.

wpid-img_20141229_175145_058.jpgIt was the last thing I ever did.


Aunt Karen just wanted to say thank you for my delicious and beautifully decorated cookies.  Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful nieces!  I love you both.

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Darn Darn Darn Darny-Darn!

It’s taken me a year since I first started this journey to write about this. Well, it was going on a lot longer than that but it’s been a year since I have been actively trying to figure out what’s up.

It started last November when my right pointer finger started getting stiff. It had bugged me off and on for a few years but never badly. I just attributed it to over use during hoof trimming (when it usually hurt). Thing is, this time, my middle finger started to get a stiff a few weeks later. I went to the doc and she stated that I had tendonitis after 2 minutes of looking at my hand and gave me Meloxicam for the inflammation.

So I Google doctored myself and tried everything under the sun to get my “tendonitis” to improve. I even went as far as to splint the two fingers together and type/mouse with my left hand for a day or so. By the end of the second day using my left hand more, the pointer and middle finger of that hand started to hurt. Went back to the doc and once again, she said it was tendinitis. Really?? I walked out of the office with another prescription for a narcotic this time (no thanks) and decided it was time to do some of my own investigation. Back to Google I went!

After a long trip down the rabbit hole that is Google diagnosing, the thing I kept coming back to time and again was arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis to be exact. I sent an email to the doc and she agreed to approve some blood tests to investigate.

A week later I had my answer. No huge red flags but my Rheumatoid Factor was just over on the positive side. Humph. The doc agreed that it was time for a more expert opinion and I was referred to a Rheumatologist who sent me for yet more blood tests. This time, another type of test called the cyclic citrullinated peptide (CCP) came back very high. Like off the charts high. While my outward appearance was calm, this was what was going on inside my head:

The Rheumatologist prescribed me Methotrexate (a low dose chemo drug) and I’m happy to report that my system seems to be taking it ok.  I did switch to the injectable form from the pills and I think it helped with keeping the tummy upset to a minimum.

Now, more then 6 months later the pain in my wrists, knee, shoulder and feet are almost totally gone.  I’m still on a low dose of Meloxicam but otherwise doing well.  My middle fingers are still a bit stiff so I might up the Methotrexate slightly but I can’t complain.  I’m doing pretty darn good compared to a lot of people with this disease.

Long story short, I’m accepting about it all now although sometimes I do want to do a little Unikitty on something:

My Sunday Night Ritual


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Better Late then Never: Mother’s Day 2014

Steve and the girls gave me an absolutely fabulous Mother’ Day this year.  There were puppet shows, and brunch, and bike races, and naps (for everyone), and pizza, and frozen yogurt, and stories.

The Amgen bike tour was coming through right near our house and on the way back from brunch we decided to drive the route to see if it made sense to wait and watch the bicyclists go by.  As we drove closer to home i downloaded the app showing where they were and what do you know, they were about 20 minutes away.  We pulled over on a grassy shoulder and the kids were entertained waving at all the police officers that drove by.  Pretty soon, the bikes zoomed by and poof, they were gone.  What a fun way to watch the race.  Minimal wait and fun for the kids.  Plus, three of the cyclists saw the kids sitting there and threw their water bottles their way.  🙂


 Before nap reading of  The Pout Pout Fish.


 An after nap Ariel puppet show.


  Dinner was Old Town Pizza where Evelyn showed off her pizza cooling skills then on to yogurt.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day.


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What do you do when you have two daughters that are part fish and a new underwater cover for your camera?

Take a bunch of pictures of course!


Seriously, this girl is a goof.


Rose is getting so good at swimming.  She can make it quite a length across the pool and has learned how to roll on her back to rest and bounce to the bottom to pop up for air.  My parents have been sending her to swim class for the past few months and it has done her a world of good.


Now Evelyn…  I’m thinking some mermaid got in her genes somewhere along the line.  That girl loves water with a capitol L.  Her only frustration is that her little toddler body is not made for moving smoothly through the water.  Not that that slows her down much.


See, pure joy.


This last one I cropped myself out of because apparently Evelyn looks adorable underwater and I look like a weird puffed up fish creature.  Bloggers prerogative.

Evelyn Underwater

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Wordless Wednesday: My Heart

My heart

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