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Evelyn’s 1st Birthday Party

Only a month behind, but better late then never.

Evelyn’s birthday party was done a week before her actual birthday since my Friday off that weekend made it much easier to do planning/prep work.  Since she loves to play with her sister’s trains, we decided on a “train” theme.  Not that I went all out but it gave me something to do for a cake and party gifts (engineer hats). 🙂

Evelyn 1st birthday party 6 (Medium)

I made her a small smash cake using the same peach cake recipe I used for Rose on her 1st birthday.  I like it because it’s both yummy and I don’t feel like I’m feeding her a gallon of sugar.  She didn’t seem to miss the extra sweetness.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 5 (Medium)

Clearly “got into” her cake.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 4 (Medium)

This required a washing up with the hose.  She didn’t mind that either.  Due to the cream cheese in the frosting, she was a bit like a greased pig after smearing it all over herself.  Even after playing in the water a bit after, her hair was as slick as a 60’s “greaser’.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 3 (Medium)

I made a train cake for the rest of the kids (each got a car) and it came out very cute.  I used the Nordic Ware Train Pan with a yellow Duncan Hines cake mix.   Then just used a bunch of candy found at the $ store stuck on with the decorative frosting that comes in those little tubes.  Easy peasy.

Evelyn 1st Birthday Cake (Medium)

We had the splash table and kiddy pool out but the slip ‘n slide we got for Rose’s b-day party last year was the biggest hit with the kids.  Even Evelyn took a few turns (with help from her Daddy).

Evelyn 1st birthday party 2 (Medium)


My little swimmer girl.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 1 (Medium)

On her actual birthday she was 4 days into an 8 day flu bug so we didn’t do much.  Therefore, the next weekend I made her another little smash “cake” that she proceeded to stuff into her face.  She had brought a toy spatula to the table and after a bit started to use a hand to put the cake on the spatula then eat the cake off the spatula.  I guess it’s time to start introducing her to using a fork.

Evelyn 1st birthday party 8 (Medium)

Happy birthday my little girl.  This year has gone faster then I thought would be possible.  I cherish every day.

You hold my heart.

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My little girl turns one year old. Party #1.

My little Rose is one year old.




Sniff.  Sniff.

Ok, technically she is 1 year and 1 week.  I have been putting off posting about her birthday.  I think because I’m in denial.  Denial that it was over a year ago that she showed her sweet face to the world.  Denial that over a year ago that she entrenched herself permanently into my heart.


Since both her daddy and her grandfather were off doing a boy scout thing, I decided to have Rose’s big birthday party a week late.  However, I had to have a little get together on her actual birthday complete with a smash cake.  I know she would have been so disappointing if I didn’t.  I never would have heard the end of it.  It was all for her.   Really.

For the smash cake, I found a peach cake recipe that I tweaked to be more baby friendly.  It was pretty yummy for the adults too.  I’ll post the recipe later.

We set up a photo op in front of the roses Steve gave me for our anniversary.  Rose promptly stuck her foot in the cake.  Then ate the frosting off her foot.  Then went back for more with her hand.  I think she liked it.

As shown here, she didn’t have any issues diving right in once she was in the official ‘cake eating chair’.

 Lots of Rose kisses were given (pre cake).

 Happy birthday little girl.  LOVE YOU!!!!


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