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Toothless wonder no more

Yep, my little girl.  My little newborn baby that I still vividly remember carrying in my womb for 9+ months has not only her first tooth but is valiantly working on #2.  You hear that right.  I was all “look at my little girl and her first little toofy!” on Facebook just 7 days ago and now she is working hard on #2.  I mean she is only a few days past 5 months old and she is about to pop through a second tooth!  At this rate I will have a one year old with a full set of teeth.  She must be an engineer like her mommy and want to get the whole teething thing done in the most efficient way possible.

This of course means crabby baby, chewing on everything in sight baby, and “I will protest that nap with every fiber of my being” baby all rolled into one.  I remember this with Rose but much like the pain of childbirth, the true reality of it has been buried deep within my subconsciousness.  For days I have been wandering around in a hazing thinking that “Rose wasn’t this bad” then I went back to my diary (yes I keep a diary for those private thoughts like “OMG I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep in soooo long”) and saw that I was going through the same thing with Rose at this time.  The difference with her is that she didn’t actually get any teeth through until she was 6+ months.  Apparently the one-upmanship between siblings has already started.  Blech.

I have one of those amber teething necklaces but I have been too nervous to try it.  Anyone and everyone tells you not to put anything around your babies neck so it freaks me out a little just thinking about it.  It does have a plastic clasp so in theory it would break if put under a lot of stress but…..  Humph.  Anyone have any real life experience with them working?  Is it worth the “I’m putting something around my babies neck” freakiness?


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