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Evelyn at 3.5 months

Our little Evelyn girl is growing so fast.  It seems like yesterday that I was lamenting that I hadn’t yet seen her give even a little smile.  Now she grins up a storm and will talk your ear off given a chance.  I still haven’t heard a good giggle yet but if the squeals and gurgles are any indication those are just around the corner.  She also discovered her shriek which may or may not have been the source of a sleepless and noisy night that evening.

That girl is growing physically like she is trying to catch up to her sister.  At 3.5 months, she has been in 6 month clothing for about a month now.  This, unfortunately is ruining my grand plans of only using Rose’s clothes and saving tons of money.  The clothes fit fine but the seasons are already starting to get off (Rose was born a month later) and I have had to buy 6 month summer things to get her through the remnants of this Indian Summer.  I foresee the separation in clothing seasons getting further and further apart.  Boo!  Girl takes after her daddy.  Loooong and skinny!  We should take bets now on when she will get taller then her sister.  I’m thinking sometime in grade school judging by the current growth rate.


She has been grabbing and manipulating things for a few weeks and can achieve her targeted trajectory with her hands about 70% of the time now.  Those objects which were grabbed go directly into her mouth so the lessons on what not to put near the baby are currently being taught to her older sister.  I’m looking around our house and realizing another of the differences between the first and second.  With Rose, we didn’t have any problems baby proofing and keeping all little things out of her reach.  I wondered (ignorantly) why parents thought the whole “baby proofing” thing was so hard.  You just keep the floor picked up and put on some cabinet locks right? Ha!  Enter the older sister.  Once Evelyn becomes mobile (even with rolling) we have a lot of work to do to keep all the little toddler toys up off the floor.


Speaking or rolling, she is soooo close to rolling over back to front.  She has the scrunch legs up-thrust hip over movement down pat and will turn her head and reeeeach her arm out in an attempt to flip.  It’s just that darn lower arm.  IT gets in the way every time.  She can’t figure out what to do with it.  I forgot what an instinct this flipping thing is as she really doesn’t have an actual desire to be on her tummy.  In fact if you help her along and she actually achieves the tummy position she immediately begins to loudly protest her sudden tummy time.  Silly girl.


Once she hit the three month mark, both she and I started to loose our hair.  My postpartum hair loss is getting a little out of control.  I’m fairly certain that I could have donated a whole wigs worth of hair to a small child with what I have lost so far.  Luckily no bald spots though.  Yet.  I also have a paranoia that it is all going to grow back in grey.  Blech.

Evelyn is getting the same “ring around the head” that Rose had but she still has a ton more on top.  In fact it is growing longer to the point that she resembles Albert Einstein after a bath.  Time will tell if she looses it all and becomes a q-ball like Rose or if she just looks like Moe on the Three Stooges until it grows in again.  The hair that is there on the top is lightening and has a slight red sheen that she obviously gets from her daddy.

We are falling in love with our little girl more and more every day.

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