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Evelyn at 9 months old


Poor girl, Evelyn is defiantly a second child.  Not only have we branched out sooner with foods we are giving her (a little bit of baby led weaning) but unlike her sister, we have done only one “month update” with her.  The guilt has finally gotten to me so here we go…

Evelyn at 9 months

Height – 28 in (56%)
Weight – 16 lbs (5%)

My long skinny girl.  The doc isn’t worried about the low weight as she has been that way since birth and is keeping along the same growth chart line.  She did however suggest adding full fat dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese etc) as a way to add more fat into her diet.


Night Time:  On a fairly regular basis Evelyn is sleeping through the night.  By sleeping through the night I mean down at 8ish until 4:30am when she wakes to eat.  This works out well as I generally need to start my morning about 5am to be out the door a little after 6.  (I work 9 hour days to have every other Friday off)  Then I put her back down and she sleeps until I am ready to leave.  Steve or I wake her, change her diaper and pour her into her carseat for me to take her to daycare.  On the weekends she will usually continue to sleep until around 7ish.  There are nights where she will wake up once to eat, usually during a growth spurt or if her teeth are moving.  I will get up and feed her a few nights but then, when her daytime routine tells me she is done with the teething/growth I will do a night of crying it out and she is back on schedule.  Until the next time.

Naps:  These generally depend on what is going on.  Unlike Rose who had three naps until this age and two good naps until about a year, Evelyn is more like a 1 good nap and a few cat naps baby.  Generally the good nap is in the morning but if we are out and about on the weekend and she cat naps in the car she will nap well in the afternoon.  This works well as it usually coincides with Rose’s nap and I can have some time to get things done around the house.


Milk:  She nurses in the morning, drinks a 4-6 oz bottle (or nurses on the weekend) 3 times during the day and nurses right before bed.

Solids: We have been doing a modified Baby Led Weaning.  This means she generally gets little pieces of whatever we are eating at dinner along with 2 oz or so of a puree.  She hasn’t found anything that she doesn’t like although some things (pancakes) are scarfed down faster then others.  I dabbled in dropping the purees but found that she really likes having those couple of ounces of food she doesn’t have to work at with her two little teeth.  I have also started using the baby food grinder on our dinners and have really liked it.  A little water added in and it’s a great consistency for her.


Her first two teeth popped out at 3.5 months so I figured she would be much further along by now.  However, judging by the giant bulging lumps under her upper gums, all four of those might try to come out at the same time soon.


Unlike her sister who started standing on her own simply by not noticing that she wasn’t holding on to anything, Evelyn has been determined to be mobile as soon as she can.  We were just talking about how Rose was starting to walk at this age and apparently Evelyn took that as a challenge.  That girl has been attempting to stand from a crouch for a while now and loves to let go of whatever she is holding onto to and teeter on her cute little feet before thumping down on her butt.  She has even gotten so that after a few seconds she will slowly lower herself to the ground.  She cruises on furniture and man or man does she have a turbo boost mode with her crawling.  She is NEVER where I put her down.  Needless to say all baby gates have been re-installed throughout the house.


First off, as she indicated she would be at an early age, she is a Mommy’s girl.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her Daddy too but given any kind of discomfort or worry and it’s Mommy all the way.  This works out though as Rose is Daddy’s little girl any day of the week.  We each get one.  The funny part about it is I think Rose looks more like Steve and Evelyn more like me.  The miracle of genetics in action.


  She is a curious one.  Always trying to figure out how things work by manipulating it with her hands.  Especially if it makes noise.  That reminds me that I need to get out the button/twist toy.  That will surely go over like gang busters.  She has also figured out how to escape her “baby jail” (areas blocked off by rubber tubs) by pushing the tubs out of the way.  The gleeful look on her face when she makes a break for it makes me laugh every time.

With work, and the property, and Rose it is hard sometimes to stop and pay attention to just my Little Puff.  I forget how much I LOVE this age.  She is adorable and fun and perfect.


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