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Machado’s Orchard Field Trip


It’s fall!  While I don’t have the same “thank god for fall” that some have (I’m a shorts wearing, flip flop loving girl) there are a few things that I’m grateful for come this time of year.  One of those is apple season. In our area of Northern California we are right in the middle of apple country.  Not only do we have a few trees of our own, there are a number of orchards around so that we can buy and eat some picked that day apples.

Now that Rose is in a larger pre-school, I got to go with her on her first “field trip” to Machado’s Orchard.  It happened to fall on my day off so wohoo!  We toured the orchards, sampled the fruits, and got to learn about growing and harvesting.  They even let us peek into their kitchen where they make their heavenly pies.  (They made over 4,000 pies for thanksgiving last year!)  It was a blast walking around with all the kids and observing Rose interact (or not interact) with them.  She is a shy girl.

Now on to the gratuitous photo dump from my phone.

Apple munching with my girl



Rose and Mommy Selfi



Holding hands with a friend



100 year old apple tree


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