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Rose’s Birth Story. Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

So now I was all settled in comfortably and pain free.  I could finally relax and sleep, only being woken up every hour or so to be checked instead of every 3 minutes.  Sweet sweet relief.  Let me tell you, I admire those women who have a med free labor.  They are truly amazing.  Me, bring on the meds!!

There was only one moment of drama where the nurses had let me lay on one side too long and Rose’s heart rate slowed a bit, then the monitor moved so it wasn’t picking it up at all.  Let’s just say it was a little disconcerting to wake to an alarm and have about 5 nurses running into your room.  They very calmly and professionally moved me around ( I couldn’t move very well myself with the epidural) and found Rose’s heart beat again.  Phew!

At 2:45 am my water broke and I was at 7 cm. Having your water break is weird. I don’t think there was a popping sound but there was a popping feeling. Know what mean? The nurses noted that there was some meconium in there so they knew to be watchful when she came out. I figure it was because of the fairly long labor.

At 7:30, I was 10 cm and they called the doctor in. She could see that while my body was ready, Rose wasn’t dropped very far. She had a scheduled c-section so she had the nurse start me pushing a bit while she was gone. It was a good thing she didn’t push the c-section (it’s like she had done this before) because when she came back 30 minutes later, I wasn’t very progressed.

Of course this was the time that she felt around and discovered the reason. Rose was sunny side up. This prompted some very uncomfortable efforts to turn her around because no way was she coming out otherwise. After about 10 minutes when I think my doc was seriously considering sending me in for a c-section Rose finally flipped.

Even after a that, it was about another hour or so before she finally came out. At 9:20, Rose was born and despite the efforts of the nurses to suction the meconium, immediately gave some good cries and sucked some in.

I know that lots of moms talk about the “blessed moment where they see their baby for the first time and they feel they love pouring out of them”.  Me, I stared at the white film covered butt on my belly and thought, “Thank god that’s over. Man this is weird.”


Steve dutifully took pictures while they cleaned her up and weighted her 7lbs 8oz 19.5 inches. All this I saw from afar while my doctor did her best to put me back together again. Unfortunately by the time they were done, Rose had developed a fever so blood was drawn for testing. The results of that are a post for another day.

Doing a little skin on skin with a proud Daddy


Before I knew it, I was resting on my bed with a little wrinkly baby up against my skin.  Happy, but still a little weirded out.

Tune in next time for “It all turns out fine but not as planned”.

 Tired but happy.IMG_1220


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Rose’s Birth Story: Part 1

Sooooo, Rose is over 4 years old.  I guess it’s finally time to write down her birth story. 😉  Oh my goodness.  My little baby is 4 years old.  How was it not just last week that I first held her wet gloopy little body in my arms?

On Rose’s due date I hadn’t felt anything that seemed like contractions.  Three days before, I had my latest OB appointment the doc had stated that there wasn’t any indication that anything was going to happen any time soon.  Those doors were closed up tight!  By this time, it was late July and I was large, hot, achy, and more then ready to have the damn baby already.

The day before, having no idea what I was in for.


Our wedding anniversary was 2 days after my due date and we knew the later it got, the less likely we would have a chance to do any celebrating.  On the actual due date we headed out for dinner and a movie.  Funnily enough, we saw “Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs” where the mammoth has a baby.  (Maybe it triggered something subliminally?) By the time we left, I was feeling light contractions which I attributed to braxton hicks.  In the morning, however, the contractions had increased in frequency and were 5-6 minutes apart and starting to get uncomfortable.  Being as it was my first baby, I had no idea what I should be feeling so we headed into the hospital to see what was up.

Alas, I was only 1 cm and barely 90% effaced.  We walked around for a while but no progression so off we went back home.  They gave me something to let me rest but all it did was slow the contractions a bit so they woke me up every 10 minutes instead of 5.

That evening the contractions were every 4-5 minutes and after one floored me around 7pm we headed back into the hospital because I MUST be further along.  Nope.  Still at 1 cm.  Seriously?!!!!!  Practice labor my ass.

Back home for me, living through the contractions.  At 3am they were 3-4 minutes apart and bad.  Back to the hospital we went.  Still 1 cm.  Two hours of walking the hospital hallway, 1 cm.  Arg!!!  They were so bad that it took me a whole hour just to walk the circle once.  Home again we go.

I spent the day rocking in the glider, trying to zone out as much as possible.  I fell asleep between each contraction only to be woken up 3 minutes later for the next one.  So bad.  So so bad.

Here is where being a non first time mom would have been helpful.  See, I had no idea what level of pain I should be feeling.  All I knew was I was it hurt like a bitch and the contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes and lasting for a minute.  That was what they said to come in at and each time I wasn’t dialating.  We live 30 minutes from the hospital so I was worried we would get stuck somewhere when it was too late.

I spent a lot of time in the shower, letting the water wash over my back until I ran out of hot water.  Little did I know that the reason that helped so much was that I was having back labor.  I really wish I knew enough to ask the nurse to check Rose’s position when we were there.

Then, at 5 pm, the second day of “practice labor”, the contractions changed.  Oh boy did they change.  So THIS what what progression meant.  Back in we went and this time I was at 3 cm.  I could get admitted!!  Wohoo!  Epidural here we come!

I was checked in by 9 pm and at 10:10 pm the lovely man came to give me sweet sweet relief. (Note that I know the exact time that happened)

To be continued……

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