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Around 1am the night before last, I woke to the sound of a thump coming through the baby monitor which was soon followed by the cries of a still mostly asleep toddler.  When I clicked on the video monitor (I LOVE that thing) I could see Rose on her knees on the end of her bed with a hand propped up against the wall.  By the time I got into the room, she was sitting back sobbing her poor little heart out.  Figuring she just bumped her head against the wall which woke her up, I soothed her until she stopped crying then tucked her back into bed.

The next morning she was hanging out in the bathroom while I got ready when I suddenly noticed this..


What you can’t see in that picture (besides the cheddar bunnies in her mouth) is the large black and blue bump under those scrape marks.  After some investigation, I noticed that the scrape marks matched the wicker pattern on the desk at the end of the bed.  Somehow, she had fell off the bed in such a way that she got her head all the way over to the desk.  Either that or she was attacked by her stuffed dragon and those are dragon claw marks.

The gap.

Now I’m feeling the bad parent for not only not noticing the scrape that night but also taking 10 minutes to see it the next morning.  I blame the early hour.  😉  Luckily she doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects and seems to think her war wound is pretty cool.  Gotta love the resiliency of a toddler.

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