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Car seat positioning. A small soap box post.

It’s National Child Passenger Safety week and I thought I would take the opportunity to share my thoughts on why Steve and I decided to keep Rose extended rear facing in her car seat after the standard ‘1 year, 20 lb’ mark.  As Rose started to get closer to her first birthday, I began looking into what kind of car seat to buy her for the ‘big switch’.  The more I researched, the more I found study after study that described the benefits to a child staying in a rear facing car seat up to and beyond 2 years of age.  

I could go on and on about force directional vectors, acceleration and momentum calculations but its simply, objects in motion want to stay in motion.  A child that is rear facing will be pushed back into their seat during a collision as their body wants to continue in the direction the car was moving.  A lot of mommy bloggers have written posts which explain all this in better detail and with a lot better writing skills so I encourage anyone who is curious to find out more to do a little Googling.

Heaven knows I can’t wait to be able to look in my rear view mirror and look at her little face.  Plus, with her seat as it is, the front seats of the car have to be forward a bit more than we are used to so it’s a little bit squishy for us.  Happy will be the day when she is big enough and we turn her around.  Until then, we will ride in the back if we want to interact with her and be a little squished for her safety.

Rose in her car seat in a graham cracker induced coma.


Here are a few videos which show the physics of everything a whole lot better than my explanation above.  Click on the sentence for a link.
One families story.

A whole lot of German words and text but good crash test video.


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