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Making Changes

For almost 3.5 years now Rose (and now Evelyn) have been going to the same daycare.  Jenny was a family friend and we knew she did in home care so when it came time to look around and pick a place for Rose she was already on the list.  We looked at big places, we looked at small places, we looked at expensive places and we looked at cheap places but we always came back to her.  She had been my mom’s friend since she was a Care Bear (teaching assistant) through her high school in my mom’s classroom.  While I had only met her during social things, I figured my mom’s judge of character was pretty good.  Plus, I had met and liked her kids which I think says a lot about a children’s caregiver.

This was one of the best decisions we could have made for Rose (and eventually Evelyn).  While my working mommy guilt would never leave, it made my heart feel good to know that she was being “raised” during the day in such a loving environment.  By loving I mean that she truly loves my kids.  And her family loves my kids.  And they love them in return.  It’s like they were being cared for by family without them actually being family.  I can’t tell you have many times Rose would just about kick me out the door in the morning and cry when she had to leave.  It was like pulling teeth to get her out the door.  Heck, last night she spent the night at “her Nenny’s” house just because.  If there is anyone in the area that needs childcare or after school care for their kids, her house is the place to be!

Rose and her “Nenny” at Rose’s 2nd Birthday Party

Jen and Rose Blog


And now for the big “However”.  However, when my mom retired, she started to take Rose for the day here and there.  Then it was a steady one day a week.  Then it was two.  Then she started to take Evelyn one day a week…. You see where this is going.  My mom decided a month or so ago that she wanted to watch the girls every day during the week.  She will get to watch her granddaughters grow every day and be able to help in shaping their sharp little minds.  She was a fabulous teacher to a classroom full of elementary school children and I know that she is going to be a fabulous teacher in her new little classroom of two.  She is already planning all of the “field trips” and such she is going to take them on.  Luckily for her, my dad is understanding of her desire to do this.  Of course it helps a little that he adores his granddaughters.

So with a heavy heart, today was the last day I picked my girls up from Jenny’s house.  I won’t lie and say that a tear didn’t fall as I drove away.  Luckily it will not be the last time Jenny and her family will be in my kids life, through parties, babysitting and hopefully her being available when my parents are on vacation, there will be more “Nenny, Megan, Kelly, and B” times to be had.

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