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Ireland Day 9 (Dublin)

After taking some advise from a friendly fellow tourist, we started off our day by getting to Trinity College a little more then 1/2 an hour before the Book of Kells opened.  Thank goodness we did too.  By the time 9:30 rolled around there was a line a hundred people deep.  We were able to wander through the exhibit and get right up and see the pages on display.  The end of the tour gave us the ability to walk through the old library.  Wow.  It was like all those libraries in the movies with two stories and ladders to reach the top of the stacks.

After that we walked over to 29 Merrion Square which is an restored home from Georgian times.  It was quite interesting to see how life was back then.  My favorite thing was the bar attached to the wall right inside the door.  It was called a whiskey rail.  My best guess is that it’s for the master of the house to lean on when coming home completely sloshed from drinking at the local pub.  Ha!

One of our better purchases was a hop on hop off bus pass (packaged with our airtram ticket at the airport) as it allowed us to use the bus to get our next stop, the Guinness Storehouse.  Here we walked through the self guided tour until we ended up at the Gravity Lounge.  Here, with a view of all of Dublin, I had the best Guinness I had the whole trip.


We used the bus again to tour Dublin (they give a running commentary) until reaching the Haypenny bridge.  There were tons of padlocks attached to the bridge which Google said are Love Locks.  Sweet sentimentality but it really just looked like vandalize.  To each their own.


We ended the night with drinks and dinner with a friend of Laura’s and his husband who had moved to Dublin a year ago.
I have to say that Laura has a great taste in friends and they were nice, funny, and made our first real night in Dublin a pleasure.  After drinks we ended up at The Counter of all places.  This is a burger joint from my part of the world that happened to catch the eye of some ex-rugby players when they were visiting California.  Best. Veggie. Burger. Ever.

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